Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have been talking a lot about the basic science of Herbalife-Cellular Nutrition. So, here goes

Cellular nutrition is simply providing ALL nutrients to the cell at optimal levels. This allows the cell to determine what it actually does and does not need. I don’t have to worry about determining which nutrients the cell is deficient in. I simply provide all of the important nutrients at optimal levels--those levels shown to provide a health benefit in the medical literature. Any nutritional deficiencies will be automatically corrected over the next few months by this approach and all the other vital nutrients will be brought up to their optimal levels as well.

Cellular nutrition is providing the body with all the antioxidants along with the supporting B vitamins and antioxidant minerals at optimal levels. This is "preventive medicine" at its best because we can literally attack the disease process at its core by preventing oxidative stress from occurring.

You may be wondering if we can control oxidative stress by simply improving our diet and eating more fruits and vegetables. This is definitely a good start. By simply eating 7 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day you can decrease the risk of heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s dementia, and cancer, two to three fold. We certainly want to supplement a good diet—not a bad diet. However, even if you eat a great diet you can barely obtain the RDA level of all essential nutrients. Medical studies have shown that less than 1% of the American population accomplishes this on a consistent basis.

Cellular nutrition is about health, not disease. "Attacking" the root cause of chronic degenerative disease is true preventive medicine. By applying these same principles, you who are in good health can decrease the risk of developing these chronic degenerative diseases."

Credit: amal's ;)

Thanks for the 'nice-flattering' remarks, people. sesungguhnya aku that's not my intention. my reason is to let other ppl with WEIGHT issues, HEALTH issues, ENERGY issues and ESTEEM issues to do something about it...most importantly in healthy way.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lose weight with Formula 1 and Teamix?

Important Facts!!

1 plate of fried noodles contains approximately 800 calories
Averagely, Malaysians eat/consume 1000 calories for ONE meal
Herbalife Shake only contains approximately
200 calories
To lose 1 kilogram, our body needs to burn approximately
8000 calories
Women burn approximately 1800 calories daily
Men burn approximately 2200 calories daily

Calculation of Calorie Intake (WITHOUT HERBALIFE)

Breakfast Nasi lemak + Milo Ais 1000
Lunch Rice and “Lauk” + Juice 1000
Dinner Beriyani Rice + Plain Water 1000

Calculation of Calorie Intake (WITH HERBALIFE)

Breakfast Herbalife Shake 180
Lunch Rice and “Lauk” + Plain Water 1000
Dinner Herbalife Shake 180

Basic fat/calorie burning calculation (WITH HERBALIFE) is as below;

Women: 1800 – 1360 = 440 calories BURNED
Men : 2200 - 1360 = 840 calories BURNED

How many kilograms can I lose in a month?
Women: 440 kalori X 30 hari = 13, 200 calories = approximately 1.5 - 2 kg

Men: 840 kalori X 30 hari = 25, 200 calories = approximately 3 - 4 kg

*This is only a basic calculation. Every individual has different metabolisme level.

During the program, muscles are built and metabolisme rate will increase,

hence total weight loss varies depending on the individual.

How can some people lose 5-10 kilogram in a month!
For individual who drink Tea Mix, a cup of Tea Mix burns calories as if we do aerobics for 20 minutes! For individual who has high metabolism rate, weight loss will occur even quicker, as well as those who exercise regularly.

Credits: Miss Amal;)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wonders of HL..

I lost 6-7kg and live healthily..

I lost more than 9cm and live healthily..

I wake up everyday, refreshed and ready to go..

I enjoy my study with better concentration and motivation..

I started to work out again with better stamina..

I no more suffer from gastritis, migraine and common cold..

I run around the hospital with more energy..

I feel good..

Praise to the Lord. i'm sure these are more than just the psychological effects...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Behind the products

Louis J. Ignarro
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1998

Who is he?

Dr. Ignarro is a Nobel Laureate in Medicine whose exceptional contributions to science for Nitric-Oxide research were recognised in 1998.

What is Nitric-Oxide?

Nitric-Oxide is a key molecule that affects circulatory vessel dilation and elasticity, while improving circulation to the body's organs. Dr. Ignarro's pioneering research identified Nitric Oxide as the signaling molecule that regulates the function of cells in a way that had not previously been understood by science.
And Herbalife?
ohh, he's in Herbalife Medical and Advisory Board. To have someone of his standard to endorse and maintain the products must means quality, right?
source: HERE

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Care to share?

thnx k yatt...

frankly... really enjoy taking em... cam rase lg sehat...n ade la krg 2 kg's although ade je skip2...hehhe.. i'll try to be more and more 'obedient' with HL...

neway...size dun really matter... the fact yg rase healthier n more energetic tu...itu cam mmg rase hapy la.. i'll contact u if ade pape new improvements...

c ya...

email from Miss MJ some time ago after starting with HL. contrary to popular belief, she doesnt have weight management but consumed HL for wellness and general health. Last time she told me that she has mentioned about it to her parents and they sounded interested...well done, girl!! you care to share, you share to care ;)


I'm more like a morning person but winter weather made it all hard for me to get out off the comfy quilt. so last night i experimented myself with a big glass of warm teamix before bed. i woke up around 4am after only 6 hours of sleep, refreshed and ready to start the day..yeay!! not only i got to do some reading, i'm still up and running until now. to make thing better, i decided to warm myself up with tae-box exercise . i havent been using the vcd for quite a long time and from the memory, i huffed and puffed before long. this time though, 30 mins of exercise went breezily;)

tips for today: drink your teamix if u wanna stay-up late or rise early for more productive hours!

Monday, June 18, 2007

More joy!!

Miss AH is my other fren who also just started with HL. she already heard about it from her cousin who manage her weight with HL after delivering birth, so its easy to share my experience. as Miss T approaching a week of using HL ..i simply asked how she went

voila! already lost more than 1kg...despite being a cheeky girl with a few non-compliant episodes;) hehehe, it's long as you're positive and willing to take the challenge, i'm sure it will turn out good..

so, lepas nih dah kurang dugaan utk ngelat and lebih compliant..mesti lagi banyak improvement. nanti beli yoghurt and buah banyak2..boleh try variety of fruity best!!


i was on the phone with my mum..asking how my sister's doing with HL and telling her how my health has improved.

mum: takpe ke amik benda nih? (being a mum..)

me: takpe ma..diorg ada doktor2 yg research psl benda kira memang standard dijaga. kalu tak confident, takdela nak kasi family and kwn2 pakai jugak.

mum: ohh, kalu macam tuh takpelah. (convinced)

me: lgpun alhamdulillah skarang takde sakit2 dah..kan?

mum: haah, betul. kalu dulu sikit2 je cakap sakit masa call..sekarang ni takde dah eh?

me: haah, alhamdulillah. sejak pakai nih, mmg dah takde sakit dah. kalu dulu migraine la, selsema, gastrik. sekarang alhamdulillah takde lagi. lagipun asas benda nih bagi cells kita nutrition. so kalu cell dlm badan kita dpt cukup nutrition, tuh yg rasa cergas and boleh turun berat.

mum: ohh..

me: (i went on talking about teamix...she seemed interested on the EXTRA ENERGY..)

now my vision for the next holiday is to get my parents' started with HL. maybe with teamix first as they're always busy and need more energy.. then, i wanna find the taste of shakes to their liking, to help with cholesterol and general wellbeing.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shared joy!

Miss NH has always been a healthy person and she wanted to lose weight in a healthy way. Today's her day 7 with HL. all i know from last week, she really enjoyed better energy with no more early sleep after long hours in hospital. and this morning, i casually asked how she goes with the shakes and teamix. happily, she slipped it out

'ok ok. aku rasa aku dah turun 1kg'

WHEEEEE!! i'm so happy for you. i know it'll turn out good and most importantly, you're not torturing yourself with hunger or whatsover extreme regime. as simple as ABC, you provide your cells with good nutritions to function better thus the improvement.

then she went on about how she had good time with peach-flavoured teamix over the weekend. a jag of warm teamix on winter morning? sounds nice;)

the thing about each of us is, we need good health to work and perform in life...!

Lowe weight with Formula 1 and teamix?

Important Facts!!
1 plate of fried noodles contains approximately 800 calories
Averagely, Malaysians eat/consume 1000 calories for ONE meal
Herbalife Shake only contains approximately 200 calories
To lose 1 kilogram, our body needs to burn approximately 8000 calories
Women burn approximately 1800 calories daily
Men burn approximately 2200 calories daily

Basic fat/calorie burning calculation (WITH HERBALIFE) is as below;
Women: 1800 – 1360 = 440 calories BURNEDMen : 2200 - 1360 = 840 calories BURNEDHow many kilograms can I lose in a month?
Women: 440 kalori X 30 hari = 13, 200 calories = approximately 1.5 - 2 kg
Men: 840 kalori X 30 hari = 25, 200 calories = approximately 3 - 4 kg
*This is only a basic calculation. Every individual has different metabolisme level.
During the program, muscles are built and metabolisme rate will increase,
hence total weight loss varies depending on the individual. How can some people lose 5-10 kilogram in a month!For individual who drink Tea Mix, a cup of Tea Mix burns calories as if we do aerobics for 20 minutes! For individual who has high metabolism rate, weight loss will occur even quicker, as well as those who exercise regularly.


Maybe i should correct the misconception..

HL is not for people with weight issues ONLY. it's more than that. HL scientific foundation of CELLULAR NUTRITION focus on being healthy, feeling healthy. In short, by supplying the cells with the proper balance of nutritions, the cells become more receptive, allowing them to efficiently absorb and process nutrients. Everybody needs healthy cells to function better, no rocket science about it.

Familiar with either of these?

?missed meals due to hectic lifestyle.

?end up feeling miserable and lack of energy after a 'yo-yo' diet.

?need extra energy due to long shifts.

?wanna reduce the risk of medical condition-lowering cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, maintaining sugar level.

?need a break from all-day heavy meals.

?wanna take the first step to healthy eating and enjoy longevity.

?need good hydration with enjoyable drink.

?eating junkies and maggi more often than rare cravings. i mean, for meals??

?care about their loved ones' health.

We can actually make a difference in our life, also others. All it takes is positive attitude ;)

next i'm gonna put up more info about CELLULAR NUTRITION, it's a good knowledge..

Winter trick!

So, here comes the chilly and gloomy weather. Remember the feeling of not wanting to do anything else because we dont have anymore energy left. we just feel tired for not good reason, and we blame the weather.eheh. to make things worse, we comforted ourselves with all-the-junkies hoping that it will heat us up and make us more energetic. opsss, the weighing scale doesn't look nice. ding dong!!

oh, what about the dry skin and looking a few years older? we blame the weather again.eheh.

the common sense is, we rehydrate ourselves much much less with winter because the thirst is no longer there. we thought that we're hungry and under-eating, when the truth is we are just dehydrated. so wanna trick our mind with Nutritional Shakes and Energy Booster Teamix?

we filled ourselves in with COMPLETE NUTRITION, not the high-MSG-and-fat junkies.

we treat ourselves with peach-flavoured tea, that simultaneously DETOXS and gives EXTRA ENERGY

we saviour our skin with GOOD HYDRATION.

we save ourselves from throwing the weighing scale off the wall ;)

win-win situation;)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Colourful meals

Muesli-choc Shakes
-half cup of soy milk
-half cup of plain water
-2 scoop of Formula 1 Dutch Chocolate
-1 scoop of Formula 3 Personalised Protein Powder
-3 spoon of roasted muesli
*For yummier taste, add half of banana. Blend until smooth. Enjoy it while getting ready for work or school.

Mangolicious shakes
-Half cup of fruit juice
-Half cup of plain water
-3 spoon of mango-flavoured yoghurt
-2 scoop of Formula 1 Vanilla
-1 scoop of Formula 2 Personalised Protein Powder
*Blend until smooth. Enjoy it over the study table or TV show.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Side effects?

another favourite question thrown was about the possible side effects of HL. on personal note, i have not experienced any side effect for the past 5 months of using it. i could not think of any, really. on a global note, HL has been in the market for more than 20 YEARS (i know, it's only been recently introduced in m'sia thus the slight ignorance) with 50 MILLION CUSTOMERS and growing. so, that must means something right? it has its Medical and Scientifical Advisory Board to make sure everything within the standard. i dont think we could expect more than these for assurance.

and what about the 'yo-yo' diet or i'm-gonna-skip-meals-to-lose-weight method? doesnt it have more obvious side effects from lack of nutrition to lacking energy or binge-ing? OR what about feasting on all the high cholesterol-MSG-sugar meals? surely, it has all the side effects known to everyone. u polluted your blood vesseld with fat plaque, increasing your chance for all sort of trouble with diabetes and many more. OBESITY? it's nothing new worldwide.

Now, i enjoyed shakes every morning to rehydrate and energise myself. i carry teamix along to the hospital to quench my thirst and keep me going for the day.

simple routine for better days.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


before this, i often fell sick. common cold, tonsillitis, gastritis and migraine to name. up to a point, it happened every month *straight face*. combination of gastritis and migraine was the worst. on top of that, i often lacked of energy. during clinical year (3rd and 4th) i found it hard to stay in the hospital past lunch hour because i ran out of energy, thus motivation. i often seeked out reason to leave early, convincing myself that i'll re-pay the hours tomorrow. but i didnt. hehe. i flatted out and soon enough, i often find myself losing the concentration, no thanks to tiredness.

but not this year once i started with HL. Alhamdulillah my HEALTH and GENERAL WELLBEING improved a lot. living in the same weather and undergoing the same (no, a lot higher) level of stress makes them not the reason for previous illness. cant remember when was the last time i suffered from gastritis or migraine. i also enjoyed SUSTAINED ENERGY. i woke up early and spent up to 10 hours in the hospital, excluding of 2 hours trip by bus. and yet, i have BETTER CONCENTRATION and became MORE ENERGETIC. not only that, i can now enjoy life outside meddies a lot more.

a few ppl are concern that i am depriving myself from the so-called normal meals when i started with HL or dont i get tired of HL? to be perfectly honest, i cant see any reason why should i. i am still enjoying nasi/mee/roti/sushi/pasta as my meal once or twice daily, depending on my kerajinan to cook;p i can still eat out during weekend. i still live a normal life,eheh. nothing changed but my ENERGY and GENERAL WELLBEING. the only thing with HL, it

-gets my creativity better. i can mix and match yoghurt, fruits, juice, ices, roasted muesli, soy drink to my liking. so i dont get bored cos every month will be different flavours.

-provide me with COMPLETE NUTRITION. that, actually matters the most.

-saves a lot of my money. I dont have to spend for breakfast or even dinner. It controlled my unhealthy cravings and with peach-flavoured teamix, i enjoyed HEALTHY-NO SUGAR icetea. nice!

-helps me with my WELLNESS and ENERGY.

life becomes much better with good health;)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Where does the pleasure comes from?

To sit down with Miss K and talk her through HL. I pointed out the history behind the founder, explained each and every tubs' good and extra points. Let her read the information guide breezily. Answer all the doubts based on personal experience and what other has shared with me. Reminded her that it's gonna be a gratifying experience. Glowing with anticipation, i'm as excited as her to see what it's gonna be in 8 week's time.

To give Miss E a call to ask how she's doing with HL. Too bad she have to wait till this weekend to start as the products were delivered to her house but i'm really sure it's all gonna be good. I shared a few more tips and brownie points about keeping herself healthy and energetic to brave through the internship life. She said my call just made her cant wait to go home and grab her HL starter pack.opsss, hehehe!

I believe in good.

Doesnt matter who you purchased your HL from but make sure she/he stick with you from the day you start till you can smile with satisfaction. Distributor is not a saleperson, it's a responsibility. They have to make sure you are happy with how you are doing, become your wellness buddy to keep you motivated and spread out the positive vibes. Nothing worse that being left alone to experiment things after getting talk into buying something, right? But with HL, u have to decide yourself how you are going to change your life and we'll guide you all along. So, yeah. cheers everyone!

Formula 1-Learn from the expert

Letter from Dr David Heber, the Chairman of HERBALIFE's Scientific Advisory and Medical Board about Formula 1 shakes

Q: What are the components that make Formula 1 a healthy, satisfying meal?

A: Formula 1 provides high quality soy protein, healthy carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients to provide the cells of your body what they need for optimum health. You will be able to tell the difference from your usual breakfast after the very first shake.

Q: Is the soy protein in Formula 1 beneficial to both men and women?

A: Yes, the soy protein in Formula 1 is definitely beneficial for both men and women. Numerous scientific studies demonstrate the benefits of soy protein for heart health when included as part of a healthy, low-fat diet, which is why Formula 1 has a healthy heart symbol on every label.*

Q: How can one product, Formula 1, be ideal for both weight loss and weight maintenance?

A: Research shows that drinking two shakes a day and eating one healthy meal will lead to weight loss, while having one shake a day will keep the weight off for years. Formula 1 is the ideal meal for everyone, whether they want to lose weight or maintain their weight loss or naturally healthy weight.

*Excluding Tropical Fruit flavor, which contains less soy.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Who is David Herber outside HERBALIFE?

#Awarded best doctor in America
#M.D Harvard Medical school
#Ph.D Physiology, ULCA
#B.S(Magna Cum Laude in Chemistry) UCLA
#Professor, UCLA Department of Medicine*
#Director, UCLA Center of Human Nutrition*
#Director, UCLA Center of Dietary Supplement Research in Botanicals*
#Director UCLA, Clinical Nutrition Research Unit*
#Vice Chairman, UCLA Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine*

*Dr Heber's title is for identification purposes only. The University of California does not endorse specific products or services as a matter of policy.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


1. Ample nutrition for daily intake- i dont have to worry about supplying myself with overly-expensive supplements and multivitamins. Some of the nutritions in HL are actually more than recommended requirement, goodness!

2. Worth for my time- busy bee cant afford to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals or too tired after long day, but busy bee doesnt think junkies or unhealthy snackie is a good option either.

3. Endorsement by the expert- i believe the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board has been doing their job efficiently.

4. Yummylicious- my tastebuds crave for good food. 5 Flavours of shakes give me enough alternative to test my creativity. Also, i'm not depriving myself from my favourite meals and NO, nothing of skipping meals is allowed in here.

5. 3 in 1 combo- i pay for my daily nutritions, general health and skin complexion supplement in one price. How better can it be?

6. Good community- Miss A, the girl who introduced me to Herbalife became my good fren. We share stories and stuff. There's a few Miss-s and Mrs-s i am becoming closer too, by helping them out with their health and general wellness. Looking forward to a lot more.

7. POSITIVE VIBES- with the shed weight and inches, i realised it's more than just another woman's wonder. It's confidence, it's energy, it's self achievement.

8. Easy shopping- i dont have to spare my shopping time to go to the stores looking out for the products. Who says i have to go anywhere else to get them? door-to-door delivery, better than Ebay with guaranteed products=)

9. More to come- Herbalife is not only about shakes and teamix. Nourifusion is there for those with skin problems. Who knows, i'll be doing the before-and-after snapshot of Nourifusion next?!

10. Happy life- yes, i'm smiling!

The power of words

When she asked me about HERBALIFE, she mentioned she first heard about it from her cousin. The cousin had weight issue after giving birth and seeked out advice from her doctor. Who knows the doctor's actually faced with the same problem some time ago and succeeded with HERBALIFE. The doctor recommended the same thing. It took the cousin's friend who happened to be the independent distributor to get her started. and no prize for guessing, the cousin is now a HAPPY and SLIMMER momma!

and her? enjoying her first HERBALIFE vanilla pack.

p/s: Did i mentioned that starter pack comes with COMPLIMENTARY GIFT of trendy shaker?

What makes it HERBALIFE?

40 million customers and over 2 decades of global success
Good health is dependent on good nutrition, a fact that is recognised but often overlooked in curing diseases and symptoms of today's society. Herbalife has reached back into the Earth's rich herbal history to seek out the ingredients which will help shape our nutritional future.

The science behind the success.
Leading doctors, scientist and nutritionist make up the HERBALIFE MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD, ensuring the HERBALIFE products meet or exceed the highest standards possible. The advisory board is chaired by Dr. David Heber, head of the Centre for the Human Nutrition at the University of California. The members are specialised in weight management, heart health, vitamins, minerals and botanical-based dietary supplements. Their knowledge perfectly complements HERBALIFE's in-house product development team. One of them is Nobel-proze winner, Dr. Louis Ignarro.

Dr Ignarro is a Nobel Laureate in Medicine whose exceptional contributions to science for Nitric Oxide research were recognised in 1998. Nitric Oxide is a key molecule that effects circulatory vessel dilation and elasticity, while improving circulation to the body's organ. Dr. Ignarro's pioneering research identified Nitric Oxide as the signaling molecule that regulates the function of cells in a way that had not previously been understood by science.

Nature and science balanced
Blending the natural ingredients with science technology enables HERBALIFE to create nutrient-rich, essential daily supplements, a welcome addition to any lifestyle.

Convenient, easy-to-use products.
Nothing beats 5 mins of yummylicious nutritional shakes and energy booster teamix!

WHY oh WHY??

I have been in the hospital environment long enough to realise what a nasty long-life impact some food could do to your body and life. Once you are stuck with the irrecurable disease, everything changed and you would not wish more than to turn back the time and take a better control of what you eat or binge. It's nothing new that most of the illness are in fact, what we created in our body for a long time. so, why wait for it to come then only to change your mindset and eating habit when you can do it NOW? when you have better chance to make a big difference in your life by taking care of general wellness and able to live it to the fullest, insya Allah?

I am pleased that a few are actually have no problems with weight issue but decided to pursue with HERBALIFE, nonetheless. the 'eh, why she/he takes it when she/he is slim already?' is actually out of question. these people, and most of us lead a hectic life. be it a juggle between study and fun time, scrape in internship, honourable workaholic or family person. we are all busy. so if 5 mins of break to enjoy the NUTRITIONAL SHAKES could do justice to ur body and make u able to perform ur job better, why hesitate?

it's true, we accept how we are as granted by the up above. love ourselves as who we are BUT we need to improvise ourselves the same time. if shed some weight and inches boost up our confidence to lead a better life, if slim down makes us less 'revealing' in the clothes, if getting enough nutritions means doing justice to the blessing from HIM in the form of perfect body and able to function better..i see no objection to that.

I can understand where does some scepticism comes from. fair enough. undeniably, i had a moment of that too before i committed myself to the change. only by experiencing it myself, i am where i am in HERBALIFE. now i'm more than happy to 'share' HERBALIFE with people who NEED and WANT them. making differences in people's life is personal satisfaction. it's always a pleasure to care a bit more about other people, explaining what makes HERBALIFE and overseeing the positive changes in them. it's all good.

so, yeah. i hope these answer.

What history tells us...

HERBALIFE was founded over 25 years ago thanks to the unique vision and dedication of one man-MARK HUGHES. When he was a teenager, Mark watched helplessly as his mother's health deteriorated from years of struggling to lose weight. Sadly, she died at the age of 36 after following a number of UNHEALTHY DIETS.

As a result, Mark dedicated his life to helping people managing weight safely and effectively through good nutrition. Determined to not let others suffer the same fate as his mother. He went to a symposium on Chinese herbs and listened as expert after expert explained how the Chinese have used herbs for centuries to improve health and well-being. To further understand the power of herbs, Mark went to China and became convinced that by combining ancient herbal wisodm with state-of-the-art technology, he could create the most innovative and effective weigh management and nutritional products in the world.

After a long period of comprehensive research, development and testing, the original HERBALIFE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME was born in 1980. What began as a product Mark sold out of the trunk of his car has now grown into an international company that distributes some of the best weight management, nutritional and personal care products in the company. Although Mark passed away in 2000, his dream lives on in the millions of people around the world who have LOST OR LEARNT TO MANAGE THEIR WEIGHT, EXPERINCED IMPROVED HEALTH OR ARE JUST ENJOYING A BETTER LIFESTYLE.

Read more HERE


A familiar situation to all of us

'A daily intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients is essential to good health.

In an ideal world, we would obtain a correct balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the food we eat. BUT WITH TODAY'S HECTIC LIFESTYLE AND POOR EATING HABITS, THIS IS OFTEN IMPRACTICAL, RESULTING IN A LOWER LEVEL OF NUTRITION THAN DESIRABLE.

Weight problems and nutritional deficiencies are widespread in our society, mainly due to poor eating habits such as over eating, skipping meals and 'yo-yo' dieting. Stress, medications, smoking, alcohol and poor eating habits all lead to decreased nutrient absorption.

Many who try to lose weight quickly abuse their bodies with radical and unsafe slimming methods. Minimal, or reduced-calorie diets rarely provided full nutrition that our bodies require and can lead to long-term health disorder (HOW TRUE!!)

Harsh dieting also robs us of all enjoyment from eating. Afetr long periods of dieting and self-denial, many people fail to maintain their desired weight and put back on every kilo they lost-and more!!

If your diet is less than perfect, you need supplement.'

Should this article doesnt do the summary, i am not sure what else.

From: Herbalife Information Guide.

Monday, June 4, 2007

While waiting..

The internet connection is not on my side..i would appreciate if interested ppl could leave their email or email me their contact number so that i can better SHARE MY EXPERIENCE.

to GUEST: the products is not available in the stores. you could only get it from the independent distributor, which i see as a good chance for u to have someone to guide you through your healthier life experience. Also, that means it's nothing similar to any other products you might have heard of or tried, where u will buy it enthusiastically in the stores hoping that u'll keep motivated on your own, only to find the tubs still full after a month or so.

yeah, good company matters. isnt it?