Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Real life experience

This is from one of my new wellness buddies..

Day 3(sms)
'...akak dah start 3 hari. Tp belum remeasure lg. nway sedap la HL tu. mmg kenyang..'

Day 7 (YM)
EH: yat!
EH: akak takla disiplin sgt tp dah turun 1 kilo
EH: hehehe
EH: and kain ada longgar sket tp belum measure
EH: and dah tak malas bangun pagi.. hehehe..

yAtt: yeayyy alhamdulillahh
EH: alhamdulillah
yAtt: yipie yayyy!!
yAtt: i'm so happy to hear
yAtt: baru 1 week kan?
EH: kalo tak, asyik dtg keja kul 9 ke atas jek
EH: skrg ni lepas subuh macam segar.. so tak sambung tido
EH: hehehe
EH: ha'ah.. one week

yAtt: congratsssss tau!!
EH: thanks to u
yAtt: keep it up..i'm sure
yAtt: u will get the great results!
EH: yup.. mmg kena smgt betul.. byk dugaan
EH: hehe

yAtt: hehe..takpe
yAtt: once dah biasakan diri kan..it becomes nothing
yAtt: as for the tempation; ingat mcm nih..anytime kita boleh mkn
yAtt; so tak rugi pun kalu kurangkan or avoid terus
EH: tp kan sejak kuat minum air ni.. letih pi toilet
EH: hehehehe

yAtt: hehe..mmg tp it's very2 good for our body
yAtt: to drin plenty of water
EH: yup.. betul
EH: akak mmg jenis yg kalo dahaga sgt baru minum air
EH: so rasanya mmg bagus la
yAtt: samalah sy dulu pun...tp skarang nih 500ml dah jd senangg
EH: pastu kalo pi kedai makan pun order air suam, letak tea mix
EH: hehehe

yAtt: woowww thats great
yAtt: senang kan teamix tuh sbb very handy n in form of serbuk
EH: ha'ah
EH: senang sgt
EH: letak dlm handbag jek bawak pi mana2

yAtt: great!
yAtt: sy pun x sabar nk dgr final results akak nti
yAtt: and remember, be positive!
yAtt: sbb kalu kita believe in something, it'll become much2 easier
EH: yup
EH: thanks yat
yAtt: my pleasure...
(our conversation continued about Nourifusion)

you can't blame me for being proud of HL...it works, just great!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nourifusion Skin Care

At 1st, i thought of introducing about Nourifusion skin care after i tried it myself..yeah, i have the complete set of cleanser, toner & moisturiser with me now and going to start on it very very soonnnn (yeah, i had to wait till i finish my current products).

What makes me decide on the change?

1.Reading THIS

2.I've surveyed around and the price is way cheaper than all those BIG brands (not that i'm interested in trying those over-estimated pricey products).

3. I have good faith in HL after my experience with its Shapework products.

Would you like to join me?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Excerpt from the message to all HL muslim consumers


Puasa month is a holy month for us who will be going through a period of both spiritual and bodily cleansing of toxins from the body systems assisted by fasting.

During the fasting period, Herbalife will observe the importance of Ramadhan Month and celebrate this holy month.

During the fasting period, F1 Shake, Tea Mix and Protein Powder offer personalized nutrition to support a healthy satisfying day that nourishes the body with vitamins, nutrient and fiber.

For HL menu during Ramadhan, click HERE


Kindly leave your email address in my mailbox or mobile phone so that i could email you personalised plan accordingly -shape up or wellness..

Thursday, August 9, 2007


i'm going back to m'sia for about a month from 25h Aug till 28th Sept. wheee! so, to those of you in melb who are interested with HL (also to my wellness buddies who wanna get the next supply of HL), kindly contact me before 24th Aug...especially if you wanna make your life much easier for the coming fasting season ;)

yup, free shaker is still available for the 1st purchase..quick!


A few more people have started on HL for better energy and health. Good on them!! buzz me if you wanna do the same thing. I've prepared a personalised plan for that purpose based on personal experience;)

Another positive effects of HL??

'... the good thing is, HL reminds me to take good care of my diet, which makes me makan benda2 sihat, and being very particular about the fat content.. thanks to HL...'
email from my other wellness buddy after consuming it for 3 weeks..

GREAT!! that's what we want ultimately, self-awareness about how to take care of our health for long term. we're not depriving ourselves from the good food with HL but at the same time, we make sure our body gets the best of nutrition and live life to the fullest;)

and my lovely girls, thanks for sharing with me your experience...it's been a pleasure;)

Young at heart and body...

I received an email from my beloved wellness buddy and i think everyone should read this..
n guess what?? my ex-boss yg skang dah station kat jepun tu pon rupe2nye peminat setia herbalife...terkejut saya bile boss skang bgtau pasal die...well i can see how good HL is judging by how energetic and smart my ex-boss is eventho he is now in his early 40s...HL def will stay with me ;-)

i know!! being 40's with an energetic body and smart brain sounds so good, isnt it? i agree with you dear, HL def should stay with us *smug*

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Heal your body with HL...

If you are still thinking that HL is merely about weight and inches, i'm sure you'll change ur mind after reading this...

her: haa lg satu...hari tu sy allergy makn seafood ..
her: then..
her: amek Hl..for about3 days
her: cam ok..xde dah gatal2

yAtt: wahhh ye ke
her: die detoxify kut
yAtt: yup2
her: so..after that..all the itchiness....
yAtt: it's complete nutrition heals the illness itself

her: swelling..hilang...
yAtt: wahh alhamdulilllahh
yAtt: good to hearr!!
her: just..need to apply some cream kat allergic area...tuh je la
her: yg develop rash
her: Alhamdulillah
her: now..cam mkn seafood...
her: ok la jgk
her: x de dah gtl2


so, agree with me that Herbalife IS a nutritional food, that provides your body with everything it needs? it also helps your immune system and your body can heal any illness on its own in a natural way. that's why i believe if you have any medical condition-diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or even as common-but distressing sinusitis; you should start on HL too...you'll be impressed by how good your body could battle the probs afterwards..

Babies and HL..

To all pregnant and breastfeeding mommies,

    • Soy offers a "complete" protein profiles. Soybeans contain all the amino acids essentials to human nutrition, which MUST BE SUPPLIED IN THE DIET BECAUSE THEY CANNOT BE SYNTHESISED BY THE HUMAN BODY.
    • Formula 1 Nutritional shake is FOOD, which gives you all 55 essential nutrients & 18 amino acid. It's a blend of soy protein combined with carbohydrates, healthy fats, minerals, vitamins and herbs.

i hope this will best illustrate to you, why Herbalife will be your best present to your babies? If you consume HL during your pregnancy and breastfeeding period, your babies will benefit from the best of nutrition. Lovely!

ohh, and if you need extra energy to run around your baby and new motherhood life, teamix is the simplest-yet-very-great solution ;)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lose 12 inches in 2 weeksss!!

H: kyatt k.yatt!! 12cm loss in 2 weeks ok x? ke tak cukup? heheh
yAtt: OMG!!!!!
yAtt: i'm soooo happy and proud of u
yAtt: terlebih ok tau takk!!
H: maybe kita ni yg jenis inches kut.. KG susah sket
H: heheh

yAtt: dont worry
yAtt: KG will follow suit
yAtt: mmg average org ilang inches dulu..so far yg kyatt dok monitor la
yAtt: well, inches of lemak dah diganti dgn muscle
yAtt: muscle pulak weigh more than fat...logik la kan?
yAtt: that's my common sense
H: oh yes.. i read this before..
H: now baru paham
yAtt: yup2
yAtt: congratttss!!
H: energy wise ok.. xlapa sangat esp bila puasa.. kol 3pm pn x rasa nak makan

*joget lambak*

hehe, that's one of the best updates! greatness;) BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you, honey! well, keep up the good work and i'm sure you'll enjoy more good news !

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


She, Miss AH came to my room. skippingly and smiling broadly while saying

'seluar aku dah lonnggarrr...'

heheh, i told you HL works wonderssss!! Wait till u become ever more compliant, u will have to change your warddrobe, ecewahh;)