Thursday, January 29, 2009

Change your life!

'Baru seminggu tapi rasa ringanla doktor...sekarang nih dah tak minum air manis, minum teh tuh je...tak rasa nak minum air milo sume tuh...turun dah sekilo..'

'Kak S rasa perut dah kempis...turun sekilo lepas seminggu...pastu seluar kerja nih kalu dulu ketat skarang kena angkat tinggi sket..'

Tips: Find yourself a reliable HL coach to guide you through and keep your motivation high through the quest in changing your life. Otherwise you'll end up looking at the products cluelessly. That's my sincere advice to all of you out there..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Magical HL!

See the difference for urself..The 1st picture taken when i was in Melbourne, living in denial that i was having a very chubby face, not to forget difficulty in shopping clothes cos of the disproportionate bum and hip*chuckle*...

The latter picture was my latest photo after almost 2 years with HL. eheh, pls excuse my pinky more pipi yang macam nak meletup!

Shamely i admit that i did ter-escape shakes and teamix for quite some time but suprise, suprise!! my weight and inches maintain the that's my living proof that HL is nothing of yo-yo diet but complete nutritional food...but of course it's always been my target to have at least one shakes per day for my healthy nutrition and complexion..

Now make a wise decision and experience it for urself!