Thursday, February 14, 2008


From 15th to 27th FEBRUARY 2008

I wont be able to go online so pls sms ur order instead.

I would either sms or call u back ASAP.

Best regards!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's fantastic to hear happier people because of Herbalife. Not only in losing weight & shaping up but also in boosting up energy level...

NR: weight loss myb ada sket..tak gi timbang..tapi perut takla rasa buncit sgt
NR: hehehe

yAtt: thatsss great!!
yAtt: congratssss ye
NR: but i really like it
NR: sbb after lunch i dont feel sleepy anymore
NR: mmg kagumla
NR: hehe normally i mesti nak tertido punya
NR: hehehe
yAtt: gud gud!! mesti rasa energetic kan?
NR: haah
yAtt: appetite dah ok? ada craving nak snacking tak?
NR: no more feeling sleepy
NR: hehe
NR: i amik teamix dlm kul 10 pagi and 4 ptg
NR: kalau mcm mlm take dinner lps dinner sure i will take teamix
NR: oo tak der craving dah
NR: so now bleh tahan
NR: like now feel full..minum air jelar
NR: tapi after drinking shakes will definitely feel thirsty
NR: hehe
yAtt: its least dia buatkan u minum air secukupnya everyday kan?
yAtt: soo happy to hear ur progress
NR: nantila dlm seminggu i pegi timbang..
NR: yeah i suka lar dgn HL nih
NR: mmg tak tipu
NR: hehe
NR: suka sbb i tak rasa letih2 lagi.


Thursday, February 7, 2008


Seems like we've got living proofs from different sort of people in here- from teenagers to middle age, from medical practioner to housewife. Now, what about elderly?

Hehe, rasa sgt comelll kisah MCN (my mum's fren) nih. At the age of 50+, a mother of 6 ( kalu tak silap, or maybe more..) and working as school teacher.


Kalau jumpa murid2 lama, mesti diorg tegur MCN makin berisi dan tembam. Satu masalah MCN ialah nak kawal nafsu makan, setiap hari mesti makan nasi 3 kali and cukup berselera bila nampak makanan. Ada masalah sakit2 dan lenguh2 badan, biasalah bila umur dah meningkat. So bila nak replace meals with shakes twice a day, of coursela rasa mcm susah tp dia nak cuba juga lepas browse thru my testimonials portfolio.


Berjaya mengurangkan berat sebanyak 3kg dalam masa 4 minggu & beberapa cm pada ukuran badan. Spare tyres dah kurang! Tapi yang paling ketara ialah perubahan pada selera makan, mmg diakui MCN selera tuh hilang dgn sendirinya tanpa perlu disekat2 selepas minum shakes & teamix. Kalu dulu mesti berebut makanan dgn anak2 bila husband bawak balik food, sekarang dah tak kisahhhh pun. Lenguh2 badan dah takde.. MCN nampak sgt happppyy dgn perubahan badannya.

Tapi yang paling kelakar bila husband pun usik

' Haiiii, nmpk gaya tak habis beraslaa rumah kita....'

Pastu bila di sekolah, makcik kantin siap panggil MCN tanya ada jumpa ape2 ke dlm makanan sbb perasan MCN dah kurangkan kuantiti makanan..comel je=)

We all know that ageing lowers metabolism and our body becomes at higher risk for a lot of illness; high sugar level, high blood pressure; high cholesterol and heart problem to name a few. So, if you're concern about your parents/ aunties/uncle and would love to show how much you care; HERBALIFE would be a perfect gift for them. Let them know that it's NUTRITIONAL FOOD that would balance their weight, improve their energy and health.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Get Noticed?

It was my weekend-ly effort to keep in touch with my wellness buddies. Suprise! Suprise!

Sms- Hi Yatt. Perfect timing for your sms. I baru je jumpa some cousins and one of them commented that i dah nampak kecik sikit:)-From AR


I'm sure 6kg lost would be noticeable. Did you tell your cousin that it's HERBALIFE's magic? Do tell've got to be proud with ur achievement!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


My dearest sister decided to start on HL some time ago. As a junior doctor in a teaching hospital in KL, she (and i believe, each and everyone) hardly have time to rest and have a proper meal...feeling tired and lack of energy as a consequence. As she also wished to shape up healthily, i suggested her HERBALIFE. Here's what she wrote to me in an email

hey guess wut, i think i feel slightly lighter after a week of herbalife. i mean my seluar tak seketat last week, altho takdela obvious inches lost yet. n u know wut, my in law's maid told my mum in law that her other empoyer pun takes herbalife (after tgk my shaker..hehe). family tu (my neighbour) ramai bigsize. n that aunty has lost 4 kg. so my mother in law pun is keen on trying herbalife. haha. n now dah biasa dgn teamix. i drink that everyday n alhamdulillah stamina naik sket. but food esp ice cream craving tu still ada lagila. n im only drinking the shake masa bfast, n kdg2 bila oncall, missed that. so i guess if nak tgk any difference, lambat la kot.heheh.

HL shakes as yummylicious nutritional meal..

HL teamix as a great energy booster..

Enjoyed by millions of customer all around the world!!

So what are you waiting for? Experience it yourself!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008



I was serving guests at our house, sort of family friend when the father tried to be friendly and said

'Ini yang tingkatan empat tuh ke?'

I was perplexed at first, but later replied..

'Eh eh bukan, dah habis belajar dah..'

hahahaha, i'm sure HERBALIFE has got something to do with this;)