Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hello people,

Alhamdulillah more and more of my HERBALIFE buddies are enjoying better health and shape...of date, i have 1 midwife in O&G department who lost 4kg within a month and that's a record to break...i dont only monitor their weight and inches lost but also make sure they feel healthier with HERBALIFE.

The other day, i was explaining about HERBALIFE to one of my interested colleague using the presentation book that have these pictures in it

Then another colleague stopped by and pointed to the second picture

'Eh sape tuh, adik awak ke??'

I bursted into big laugh and shook my head..

"Takla, that's me...'

Thanks for the unintended compliment, girl ;)

Most of my close frens in HKB didn't know me before HERBALIFE so when i decided to show them my bussiness card with pictures in it, their jaw dropped.

Priceless expression!