Saturday, January 26, 2008

1 KG & 6 CM!!

I was away for my holiday and here's in the mailbox...

After a week of consuming HL, berat saye tak byk sgt kurg.. 1 kg je.. but thats good enough la. saye slowly2 je.. but part waist and hips sgt trase bezanye.. kurang 3cm for waist.. and 1.5cm for hips.. 0.5cm for thigh.. arm pun kurg one cm..

part energy.. i think it gave me enough... biasenye dulu2 if tak breakfast.. mmg rase lapar sgt2.. kadang2 eventho dah mkn cereal pagi tu, if then member2 ajak breakfast, stakat nk isi prot lagi skali ngan nasi lemak, mmg takde hal sangat. But now, bile dan minum HL, even member makan depan mate pun, rase tak tergoda, sbb still rasa perot macam penuh. takde la rase lemah ke ape. hehe Same la bile makan lunch, dulu satu pinggan penuh macam takde hal. Now nak mkn half plate pun, macam agak terpaksa la nak habiskan...

Cuma now ni, still ada terasa nak makan dinner, and lunch.. cause dah terbiasa makan macam tu dulu-dulu.. But now bezanye, even if teringin nak makan pun, perot macam dah tak bising2 sangat. macam boleh jer nak bersabar dari makan. which is a good thing la!

And now bila pakai shirts.. terasa la macam bahagian perot tu comel sket. tak sesendat dulu. hik2. jeans pun dah longgar2 sikit..

Now saya nak tengok the 2nd week pulak macam mane.. since the lecture schedule dah agak fixed.. so boleh la nak jadikan routine minum HL hari2 on time...



YOU are so going to achieve your target, Miss very best wishes for u!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Miss AR sent me this email about a week ago.. For the record, she had shed 4kg off her weight initially.

salam yatt,
just wanna update you with my HL progress. hari tu berhenti sekejap but now i'm consuming it again. dah about one week jugak la. my progress lambat la yatt. before i stopped, my weight naik a bit to 81.7 (from 80) but after a week back on the program, I had lost 1.6kg and now back to 80. Dari dulu I tunggu nak tengok number 7, but still tak muncul2 jugak. Huhuh... And oh, no more side effects from the Teamix, which means no more sinus! Alhamdulillah. :) I feel so much better now.

p/s: the side effect is actually referring to the Body Recovery Reaction. In simple term, how HERBALIFE nutrition corrects our immune system over the time. It may not happen to everyone but if it does, it means the product is working on your body system to make it better.

so i replied her back with a few checklist to make sure she's on the right track...and guess what's in my inbox this morning ?

Salam Yatt,
Just wanna inform you that my weight now is 78kg! Alhamdulillah... finally, after all these time. I think maybe I was expecting too much, so dia macam malu2 nak kluar. When I just kinda forget about it, baru dia nak muncul. Oh, 'dia' here refers to the number 7 of course. :)

..(place her order)...

Wowwyy!! In less than 2 weeks after re-starting with HERBALIFE, she managed to lose about 4kg!!!

take home message: WHEN THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY!!

congratsss, Miss AR ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hello people, sorry for the little silence. been occupied for a while but it wont stop me from sharing more HERBALIFE experiences here.

One day i was explaining about HERBALIFE to my aunt (who suffered for rather bad asthma) and her daughter (who recently underwent Caesarian section) at their house when their relative came. While she (the relative)'s tasting the shakes and listening to me ( i admit i wasnt that good when it comes to face to face as compared to writing it down here but i tried my best...ada sedikit segan lah, heheh ;p), she was very interested in the nutrition listed on the package. As someone who really takes care of her health, this elderly lady looks younger than she is. To my joy, the relative too decided to buy the shakes without much hesitation after realising how complete it is with nutrition. yeay, more new people in HERBALIFE family!

I was told my other aunt that my cousin who had her fibroid (benign growth in uterus) surgery 2 years ago noted the scar is healing well and became less visible after 2 months of taking HERBALIFE. well, apart from losing weight and gaining more energy that is.

I received a joyful sms from my little sister

'I lose another kg. lalalala. u give me a magic potion'

heheh, now she had already shed 14kg off her weight and became my pride in HERBALIFE.

what else?

ahaaa, my (another) aunt who's a busybee auditor noted that she has no trouble to wake up early in the morning and consume a lot less coffee after just a week of HERBALIFE. Instead of having more than one cup, she stop at half of it. fabulous! less caffeine to pollute her body system, thanks to the teamix!

that's all for now. more to come;)

btw, to those who are on tight budget but really keen to experience HERBALIFE her(or him)self, i've got a personalised package and plan for you. It's just an sms or email away...