Saturday, March 8, 2008


Remember my cousin KC??

Photo on the left was her when heavily pregnant at 78kg. A little bit chubby ey?

Photo on the right was after consuming HL right from confinement until now-6 months. She lost total of 21kg and weighs only 57kg.

As for weight versus body size, this is what she's got to say..

' skrg ni..inches mmg kurang banyakkkkkkkkkkkkkk...bukan setakat boleh pakai seluar/baju time zaman anak dara...malah..terlondeh maintain le..kurang pon maybe dlm 1 atau 0.5 kg je...'

In other words, believe in your inches loss as well as weight loss. they're both rewarding!

Congratsssss HOT MAMA! ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


*CORRECTION: my sister's now 72kg!! that means 15kg lost,wowwyyyyy!!

Exciting Result!

Remember about The Personalised Plan?

For your information, Miey is one of my new HL buddies that started on it. I managed to convinced her to try it out because for me, it's not how many products you're using that will guarantee u great results but rather how consistent and positive your attitude is.

Sms Day 3- Dh start dh. Harini hari ke 3. x timbang berat, just measure dgn tape yg yatt bg...dah kurang 10cm :D

Shoutbox Day 8-Hai yatt..nak inform, ni hari ke 8, dah lose 2 kg, and 12 cm..even ade ngelat2 sket, makan kfc la, shake is very delicious..yummyy...hehehe.

See, result vary from person to person but i'm proud to say that my wellness buddies are all happy and excited with their do i!!

Congratulations miey;)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another 2kg loss!

Remember MCN??

She called me while i was in Perhentian to order her next HL. Suprise suprise! After no weight loss for 3 week (i attempted to follow up my HL buddies every weekend), she told me she lost 2kg on the 4th week. Another great example how thrilling and exciting HL results could may not be losing weight and cm's every week but it always catches up!

As a results, she lost 5kg in 2 months. Perfectly healthy! It awed me even more because as we grow older (and went thru a lot of pregnancy), it's usually harder for us to lose weight because of the lowered metabolism but HL proved that it's all possible regardless of our age..

And here's some more compliments she received from people

My mum- commented that MCN's skin looked glowy and smoother with less visibled blackhead around the nose.

Her husband-took note of her clothes that are now baggier.

Her children- remarked that her tummy is now less visible.

Her colleagues-suprised to see how much she has slimmed down.

While MCN is impressed with herself. She could be driving for 40 mins from school and still have the energy to prepare lunch and be in charge of the house. She agreed with me now about how much her food intake has decreased and a lot more controllable appetite. Dulu nasi ulam tak cukup sepinggan sekarang nak habiskan sepinggan pun dah tak larat. Dulu pagi2 mesti makan nasi sekarang dah masuk 2 bulan makan nasi hanya sekali sehari tanpa rasa lapar!! ;)

Now i'm excited to hear her results with the 3rd pack;)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

F1 vs F1+F3 ?

Hello, I'm back!

Hehe, went for a longg vacation to Sarawak-KL-Perhentian Island. I have a lot of GREAT TESTIMONIALS to share with all of you but let me answer the concern first. I'll just cut and paste my reply to my new HL friend regarding dilemma between F1 versus F1+F3.

- Based on personal experience: i lose average 2-3 kg per month using F1 & F3 . Total loss 8kg & about 20cm in 3-4 months.

-F3 penting utk keep us rasa kenyang & build muscle development. Thats why bila sy lose weight with HL, badan sy jd firmer & x flabby sbb fat dah bertukar menjadi muscle. Im sure semua org nak that kinda results; lose weight is one thing tp shape up is more significant! Pastu bila dah kenyang, takdela nak munch2 or snacking kan? thats the secret to lose weight!

-F1 &F3 is the best plan recommended by HL and approved by MEDICAL& SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD. I'm sure they have the best knowledge of what's the healthiest way to lose weight & shape up. Nama pun products Shapeworks kan?

-Bila compare results F1 vs F1 & F3, its more or less the same. tp perasan tak utk consume 4 scoop F1 each time, the cost is significantly higher?

-Whichever plan or products yg digunakan, paling penting is POSITIVE ATTITUDE & CONSISTENCY.

I hope i have highlighted all of you ;)