Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy herbalife-ing!

Hello everyone..

sorry for a long silence...hehe, been caught up with work and's everyone's doing with school holiday? busy stuffing urself with kenduri-kendara that u feel like u've blown up?

don't panic! HL got the right solution to avoid u from over-indulging urself

-pack urself a bottle of teamix and sips thru the journey so that by the time u reach the destination, u're half-full.

-compensate your other meals with yummylicious cool shakes.

see, it doesnt take stringent diet or food avoidance to keep u slim and healthy (like me!hehe..) all it takes is some wise strategies;)

on a serious note, working in hospital really showed how much bad food could cause you problem. i wish none of us would end up regretting ourself in the future for not taking good health of ourselves. diabetes, hypertension, heart disease are all on the rise so be cautious with what we feed our body...

p/s..i humbly requested those who add me on YM to email me instead cos it's a lot more convenient to communicate. thanks;)