Saturday, November 8, 2008

Herbalife's wonder


I'm very2 sorry for a very long carried away with job and social activities..heheh

Alhamdulillah, i've got pouring orders and a lot of exciting testimonials...among all

-My auntie who lost 4kg with her 1st pack of HL

-My client's son who went from size 40 to 36

-'Dia kata dia dah kurang mkn. So far mmg nmpk dah kurang melahap sgt dah. MIL ckp dah nmpk dia susut skit'

as for myself, i couldn't help smiling in satisfaction whenever relatives and friends commented on my slim body during eid celebration...not meaning to be vain but it does boost up my esteem. i love feeling healthy and able to fit into most of the clothes without feeling snugly.

like last nite when i went for dinner organised by MMA, i saw my old fren whom i last met almost 2 years ago (exactly before i started on Herbalife actually) so i went up and hi-ed her. Later when i settled to my table, she came up to me and exclaimed

"Yattttttt!! kenapa ko kurus sgtt...jelesnyee aku!!"

I chuckled and shared with her the secret...i later handed her my business card and i'm sure she'll be making her first order soon..

Thank you HERBALIFE for giving me a chance to enjoy healthy life and share the joy with others!