Friday, June 29, 2012

Healthy Breakfast ...

Yes, this is a very important disclaimer in Herbalife. Herbalife shakes does not and will not diagnose or cure any illness but it will provide all the necessary nutrition for our body to improve our health. That's why testimonials does not limit to weight loss only but also weight gain (and shape up), diabetes, sinusitis, headache gout, hypertension, skin problem, low energy etc..

Basic concept:  Herbalife focus on Cellular Nutrition bcos by giving complete nutrition to our body cells, we will improve our cellular function and get better health.

We, Malaysians love to eat..that includes me.. I love food but i also love my body..I want it to keep healthy so that i can continue with my active life..Having nasi lemak or roti canai for breakfast is ok once in a while but if u consume it everyday, it will not do any good to your body. You will increase your body fat, sugar level and lead to obesity/hypertension/diabetic/heart disease/cancer. On top of that, your energy level may not sustained and you'll get hunger pain by midmorning.

Alhamdulillah for the past 6 years, i am very happy with my healthy breakfast of HERBALIFE SHAKES and never get bored of it cos i can always change the flavour for the next bottle..and if i'm extra 'rajin', i prepared variety of flavour to treat my tastebud.

Ye, Nilai sebuah kesihatan. Bersyukur dengan sihat sebelum sakit. mencegah lebih baik daripada merawat. Beza antara ubat dan makanan kesihatan. Tepuk dada tanya hati, kita nak enjoy all the unhealthy food for a few years then have to stop eating them sbb dah dpt diabetes/hypertension/heart disease/gout/cancer atau kita nak hidup cara sihat dgn ambil makanan nutrisi setiap hari dan still able to enjoy favourite food in moderation.

I choose the 2nd option with HERBALIFE ;)

This is what i mean by complete nutrition in HERBALIFE SHAKES. Our body need all the nutrition above to cleanse all the toxin, keep our bones healthy, give radiance to our skin, make toilet business easier (ehehe..) build our muscle and helps in blood cells production...

I no longer need to add in my monthly expenses the prices of all different sorts of vitamins to keep my health. It's all been taken care by HERBALIFE SHAKES. In a way, it helps if we want to save money for something else. 


Monday, June 25, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge 2012

June  2011, i got transferred to Kedah and start working in emergency department. Ye, bila keje shift mmg eating habit jadi haywire...I started to have late dinner after habis evening shift (paling awal kul 11 sbb smpai rumah pun dah pukul 10.30mlm) then bila shift mlm, start order mee goreng/mihun sup/kue tiaw hongkong utk late night supper (as in mkn pukul 2-3 pagi)..semua tuh mmg faktor unhealthy lifestyle..I still consume herbalife shakes for breakfast tp time tuh x brape berat by end of 2011 dah naik jd 55kg (still acceptable cos i set the limit to my weight between 52-55kg)..

Then January 2012, i got pregnant. morning sickness teruk..bad bad nausea so healthy breakfast with herbalife shakes terpaksa omit terus..breakfast dgn biskut kering je and mmg rasa sgt x bertenaga, lemah layu jeee...nutrition x cukup. Tp bila malam menjelma, selera dah kembali ok so makan dgn penuh semangat..tuh yg org pelik nape ada morning sickness tp nmpk berisi dan mengembang..mane taknya, lepas mkn kenyang2 mata pun mulalah nak time tuh mmg rasa different sgt..takde tenaga, badan rasa longlai, kulit muka pun kusam je..baju dan seluar lama pun dah simpan elok2 dlm almari sebab x muat..heheh

Takdir Allah, i had miscarrige in April. By then berat sudah mencecah inilah gambar terbaru bulan May 2011 about 3 weeks after miscarriage

Since ada juga yg tak percaya bila bagitau berat dah naik 60kg sbb x nmpk macam 60kg, ini buktinya..tadaaaa...

Ye, betul dah tuh pandangan mata..maka here comes my 2nd weight loss and shape up journey with herbalife (while trying to conceive again)...wish me all the best!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

5 Facts of 5 years






Fact 1: Alhamdulillah, after achieving my target weight in 2007, the number didnt change much. It remained between 52-53kg.How? I continued with healthy breakfast of HERBALIFE SHAKES. I trusted HERBALIFE to be the source of nutrition for my body.

Fact 2: Tiny secret to be shared-There were time I didnt consume HL shakes for a while (too busy with housemanship) and went binge-ing on food. To my relief, the weighing scale didnt go up an number (and proved myself that HL is nothing of yo-yo diet) but I myself realised that this habit would not do any good to my body, so I resumed HL shakes again.

Fact 3: Annual blood test showed that both kidney and livery function are all within normal limit, thanks to healthy eating and HL for that. On a better note, my cholesterol level went down from 5.7 (HIGH) to 4.8 (NORMAL). Yeay!

Facts 4: I'm grateful for better complexion. Not to say that the skin is all porcelain white, but I didnt face much acne problem and even if it showed up once in a while, not much of trace being left behind.

Facts 5: I have been wearing the same size for my tops and pants since i lose weight and shape up with HL, despite being back in Malaysia where the food heaven is.

So, what about picture of 2012?

Wait till my next entry...