Saturday, November 21, 2009


I have been consuming Herbalife since early 2007 until now. Within the same period of time, i also shared my great experience and helped so many people who are facing problem with their weight and health.

But never once i have the chance to attend formal Herbalife seminar due to work commitment. I only relied on my personal experience and reading through online website. So imagine my excitement to be able to attend Herbalife Opportunity Meeting in KB last friday.

To my suprise, i had my senior(in SSP)'s husband as the organizer. They both consumed Herbalife and benefited through it.

Let me share with you some of the real- life testimonies i witness during the event

1. My senior herself was married for 3 years and went through a lot to get pregnant. She decided to improve her nutrition with Herbalife and alhamdulillah, is now a mother to a 3 year old son. So she continued with Herbalife for post-pregnancy weight loss programe and managed to shed back to her pre-pregnancy shape.

2. Her husband used to have waisline of 36' and now proudly of 31'.

3. Couple of UIA students who suffered from different illnesses-eczema, asthma, migraine, gastritis and shared the common problem of lacking energy/sleepiness in class. They actually took up Herbalife to improve their health and energy level and were very happy with the results.

4. The guest speaker was a mother of 5 children who had been trying very hard to lose weight. She managed to shed off 10kg in 10 weeks and definitely looked much younger than her actual age. She even shared her little experiment with us: stopped consuming Herbalife for 7 months expecting some yo-yo weight but that never happened. Her weight remained the same throughout the Herbalife-free period.

5. A young mother who consumed Herbalife throughout her pregnancy and to date has lost a whooping 20kg.

6. An old man walked up the stage and let us know that his age was 78 years old and Herbalife helped him a lot dealing with osteoarthritis of knee (sakit lutut org tua-tua) and happily ambulating now.

7. A gentleman who was very skinny and underweight used Herbalife to build some muscle and improve on his energy. He went from 50kg to 58kg.

8. Another gentleman who used to weigh more than 100kg managed to shed off his weight and suffered less of gout. Now he looked very built and younger than his age.

9. A few others who suffered from diabetes, hypertension and other chronic illness who experienced great improvement in their health

As for my personal record as Herbalife wellness coach, i helped my sister to shed off her weight from 87kg to 68kg (that's 19kg!) and a gentleman who used to weight 106kg to 86kg ( and i believe has lost more since i last heard from him).

Alhamdulillah, i am very pleased.

I believe there are people surrounding us who suffered from either of above problem so let me help. My simple faith is that no matter who and what we are doing in life, our body need the best NUTRITION to function. I can always personalised your programe based on your health issue and budget.

All it take is the first decision towards longevity!

Monday, August 31, 2009




I first started with Herbalife in early 2007. Within 3 months of healthier eating habit, i accomplished my targets

- LOSE 7kg

- LOSE 20cm in total

- Size for my tops changed from XL/L to M/S

- Size for my pants shrink for 32 to 28

That's a very big accomplishment for a girl who has TRIED to lose weight since 15 years old..

So here i am ready for another challenge.. Alhamdulillah, the weight has remained almost the same (if not a bit more) and i am of the same size as 2 years ago. The new targets is more of wellness evaluation rather than weight and inches...

These are the figures when i first started in early August

Body fat: 28 (Normal 22-25)

Water content: 52 (Normal 55)

Bone Mass: 2.3 (Normal 2.4)

Basal Metabolic Rate: 1230 (Normal 1300)

Metabolic age: 27

*Pant's size: 28

*Hip: 92cm

*Thigh: 55cm

So i'll see myself in October with these new figure

Body fat: 22

Water content: 55

Bone mass:2.4

Basal Metabolic Rate: >1300

Metabolic age: 18 year old

*Pant's size: 27


Wish me all the very best!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hello people,

Alhamdulillah more and more of my HERBALIFE buddies are enjoying better health and shape...of date, i have 1 midwife in O&G department who lost 4kg within a month and that's a record to break...i dont only monitor their weight and inches lost but also make sure they feel healthier with HERBALIFE.

The other day, i was explaining about HERBALIFE to one of my interested colleague using the presentation book that have these pictures in it

Then another colleague stopped by and pointed to the second picture

'Eh sape tuh, adik awak ke??'

I bursted into big laugh and shook my head..

"Takla, that's me...'

Thanks for the unintended compliment, girl ;)

Most of my close frens in HKB didn't know me before HERBALIFE so when i decided to show them my bussiness card with pictures in it, their jaw dropped.

Priceless expression!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Change your life!

'Baru seminggu tapi rasa ringanla doktor...sekarang nih dah tak minum air manis, minum teh tuh je...tak rasa nak minum air milo sume tuh...turun dah sekilo..'

'Kak S rasa perut dah kempis...turun sekilo lepas seminggu...pastu seluar kerja nih kalu dulu ketat skarang kena angkat tinggi sket..'

Tips: Find yourself a reliable HL coach to guide you through and keep your motivation high through the quest in changing your life. Otherwise you'll end up looking at the products cluelessly. That's my sincere advice to all of you out there..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Magical HL!

See the difference for urself..The 1st picture taken when i was in Melbourne, living in denial that i was having a very chubby face, not to forget difficulty in shopping clothes cos of the disproportionate bum and hip*chuckle*...

The latter picture was my latest photo after almost 2 years with HL. eheh, pls excuse my pinky more pipi yang macam nak meletup!

Shamely i admit that i did ter-escape shakes and teamix for quite some time but suprise, suprise!! my weight and inches maintain the that's my living proof that HL is nothing of yo-yo diet but complete nutritional food...but of course it's always been my target to have at least one shakes per day for my healthy nutrition and complexion..

Now make a wise decision and experience it for urself!