Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Do You Know?

Do You Know That Starving Yourself Lower Your Metabolism Rate?

In most cases, the starting point to lose weight is to reduce your daily calories intake by 500 calories. However you should never go below 1000 calories per day (or skip meals) as your body will think you are starving and slow down your metabolism even more.

Easy steps like drinking enough water, having regular (smaller) meals, etc will all help boost your metabolism. However the type of diet you follow - the foods you select - will have a major impact on your metabolism and weight loss. In addition if you get this right you will also see a boost in your energy levels.

Do You Know Having Right Protein Level Boost Metabolism Rate?

When you eat the right amount of protein for your body this will increases lean body mass. (i.e. helps your muscles work at their best). The more lean body mass you have, the higher your metabolic rate and the more calories you'll burn. Getting the right level of protein will help boost your metabolic rate(naturally) and increase the speed at which you lose weight.

Do you know that HERBALIFE ShapeWorks Programme Provides You With The Right Protein Level, Low Calorie, Low Fat, High Nutrients and ZERO Hunger?

Hunger is the #1 reason why most diets fail. The key to success with ShapeWorks™ is personalizing the protein levels in your program so that you feel full and satisfied, not hungry.

The ShapeWorks™ program makes protein personalization simple and fun with delicious customized shakes and mouthwatering protein snacks.

Formula 1 shakes are loaded with soy protein, the highest quality plant protein available – so you get all the nutrition of a meal with minimum calories.

For people with higher protein requirements Formula 3 Personalised Protein Powder can be added to shakes to help control hunger throughout the day. It’s a proprietary blend of soy and whey protein that satisfies your hunger and keeps controlling hunger throughout the day.

You wanna hear FACTS?

These are some FACTS about Herbalife!

27 years in the market... and will still be growing!

+50 Million SATISFIED customers all over the world!

+USD 3 Billion Sals
Exist in 62 countries around the world
No. 1 Weight Management Company in the WORLD!!
Health Advisory Board: A NOBEL PRIZE SCIENTIST in Medicine


If I can show you a way for you to

improve health
lose weight healthily
gain weight healthily
improve fitness
increase your energy level
get sufficient nutritions for your body daily
better skin complexion


having to exercise heavily/go to the gym
starving yourself
avoiding the food you love
pills and strict diet routines
worrying whether you get enough nutritions every day

Would you want to hear more about it?
If you do, feel free to contact me via email/sms/call or leave me your details in my email and I will get back to you the soonest possible ^_^

Metabolism and such

Below is sure a lengthy one to read! With HERBALIFE, you don't even have to worry about counting your calories and protein intake! Just take the shakes as recommended, follow your meal plans as directed to suit your program (be it Weight Loss, Weight Gain or Fitness) and see the results in a matter of days or weeks! But read on for your own knowledge ;)

How do you select a plan that will work for you ?

1. Fewer Calories (HERBALIFE Shakes)

There is more to losing weight than cutting calories. The key to a weight loss plan that works for you is to find one which will help you eat just the right amount of calories to lose weight. For example in most cases that starting point is to reduce your daily calories intake by 500 calories. However you should never go below 1000 calories per day (or skip meals) as your body will think you are starving and slow down your metabolism even more.

2. The right protein levels (HERBALIFE Formula 3 Blended Soy)

When you eat the right amount of protein for your body this will increase lean body mass. (i.e. helps your muscles work at their best).
The more lean body mass you have, the higher your metabolic rate and the more calories you'll burn. Getting the right level of protein will help boost your metabolic rate (naturally) and increase the speed at which you lose weight.

3. The right food to boost metabolism

Yes easy steps like drinking enough water, having regular (smaller) meals, etc will all help boost your metabolism. However the type of diet you follow - the food you select - will have a major impact on your metabolism and weight loss. In addition if you get this right you will also see a boost in your energy levels. How to select a plan? The choice of weight loss plans is enormous. From cutting back on calories, avoiding food groups, protein based, having to go and be weighed, etc. If you have a slow metabolism or thyroid then you will need to select a plan specifically designed for weight loss and boosting metabolism.

Weight loss
How you can boost your metabolic rate ?

If you want to lose weight, and have a slow metabolism, then weight loss will be more than cutting down on calories, skipping meals or spending hours in the gym.

The key to your success ,and achieve your ideal body shape, is to focus on your resting metabolic rate (BMR).

What is Metabolism / Metabolic rate?

Metabolism is the process whereby the body converts food into energy (or uses it for bodily repairs) or stores it as fat for future use. In simple terms, if you have a faster metabolism you burn calories more efficiently and store less fat.

So why is this important ?

When the thyroid is underactive, it produces too little thyroxine, producing symptoms such as extreme tiredness, an intolerance to cold, mental drowsiness, weight gain (even with a poor appetite), constipation, etc. To lose weight the higher you can make your metabolic rate the quicker you will burn fat - and lose weight.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

All the doubts in the world

I dont have time laaa to blend-blend..
wait a minute, why dont u time how long u have to wait/queue for ur oily-sugary breakfast/lunch/dinner to come to you at mamak stalls? worse, how much time u spend in the kitchen to prepare A SINGLE MEAL?? i'm very sure it past 5 mins kan?

You sure no side-effects?
aiyoo, you think i'm gonna let myself use it for 4 months and counting..if there's any side effects? and then, berani pulak let the wonders slip to other people.*tepuk dahi* insya Allah, none so far ok.

Where got money one??
eh, have u calculated how much you spend on ur meal+multivitamins+supplement for skincare??? why waste so much when u can get it in just one yummmylicious shakes? got extra energy lagi from the teamix..

What if i stop half-way??
and you think i'm gonna let u. will try my best to keep you motivated and check out on your progress..after all, we're investing on the results not the products remember?

Alahh, this one for girls only..
opsss, we girls dont wanna have buncit partner tau...also, who says guys dont have to be healthy and can indulge on all the fatty food out there?

any more question?

Little update

I'm in the middle of gathering a lot more info on HERBALIFE to be shared with u ppl. Also, will be preparing yummylicious recipes and answering all the doubts in here. so yeah, keep urself posted!


Here's the link, in case you are wondering

Know more

half cup of milk(low-fat/soy milk) +half cup of water+ 2 big scoop of Formula 1 +1 big scoop of Formula 3+ all the additional fruits/yoghurt u like+ice cubes(optional)= blend
or for simpler version, add up everything into the shaker and shake shake!!
500ml mineral water bottle + 1-2 small scoop of teamix and carry it around.

Personalised plan
LOSE WEIGHT AND STAY HEALTHY: twice daily of the shakes and one normal meal + 1L-1.5L of teamix energy drink.
KEEP YOUR BODY HEALTHY: once daily of shakes and 2 normal meals +1L-1.5L of teamix energy drink.
PUT ON WEIGHT IN HEALTHY WAY: drink shakes after each meals+ 1L-1.5L of teamix energy drink.
TOP-UP ENERGY: 1-1.5L of teamix energy drink.

*STARTER PACK comes in 4 flavour: Cappuchino, chocolate, vanilla and tropical fruits..for a start, i recommend vanilla cos u can campak all the fruits/yoghurt drink/yoghurt u like into the blender and became ur fave fruity healthy shakes..)

GOOD NEWS: i have 4 months experience consuming herbalife to entertain your queries and develop personalised plan with u..also, monitor how you are doing with it. so yeah, when there's a will there's a way i guess. but above all, i just wanna care a bit more about other people in my life.

My little story

Some are gifted. some need to work hard. Me? I choose the smart way;)

so, yeah. i've always had weight issue. not the one with morbidly obese or anything, just that i hate the number on the weighing scale. i was happy with my body, full stop. if not for the number. the static number that who never seemed to budge no matter how much i exercise or how less i eat. that number has been staying with me eversince high school. f3 kot. eversince, i despise that number. i guess the first number makes the diff..ppl said i looked a little chubby normal, i know im not-that-bad but i just hate the number. that's all. oh and i have difficulties finding decent clothes, decent loose comfortable clothes.

i came to melb with that number. i almost give up with that number. to my biggest horror, it went up by 4 digit in my 2nd year here..i almost fainted. i'm sure my face was about to blow out by then. and to my dad's horror, my face started to have pimples. what's all these?? crazy lahh...kalau dah abah pun pointed out to the zits, must be something lah kan. memang tak bleh lupa.

ahh well, what to do. i got away with zits but not as easily with the weight though. in the end, home country helped me to get rid of the excess. back to square one. that static number. so, yeah. ran out of idea already. i started to avoid the scale. i know i lost some of the number last year but i dared not to jump on the scale for months, cos i dont wanna see that static number again. till i decided to try Herbal1fe (HL). for the record, i initially thought of my sister when i first read about it in Akmal's but alang2 tuh, why not try it for myself. tp silapla cos i dont have my exact initial measurement, all i know i was 2kg less than the haunted number;) nevermind, i still went ahead. just after one month of extensive HL(read: twice shakes daily+ regular teamix), i already felt the difference. still, i avoided the scale. but i took note of the inches, skin complexion, energy level and metabolism. well, just say everything's worth for the money. Tell ya, investment needs determination. so when i dare enough to hop on the scale again, i smiled with great satisfaction.

i'm sure i'm doing my body good favour with HL cos it suffers less and less migraine-cum-gastritis because the simplest-healthiest meal is just a blend away; have higher metabolism cos i seemed to be eating everything under the sun now, apart from once shakes daily and drinking teamix religiously (tips: if u feel guilty for sacrificing ur shakes because u have dinner invitation, fret not. replace it with teamix); enough soy protein for my complexion; running around the hospital for long hours energetically; yummylicious shakes; boost up my confidence and above all, got to wear all the decent clothes loosely and comfortably. yeay!

here i am, 7kg lighter than the static number. 5kg courtesy of HL. so, yeah. i couldn't write more than this.

I'm not talking alone

It's just after a week of her herbalife

sms-Yups, enjoying it. so far rasa segar. but today x compliance plak. neway, feel already losing some inch kot'

(since she took it for wellness, i'm sure weight and inches are not her priorities..but more like a bonus!)

and as for me? this will do

thnx k yatt...

frankly... really enjoy taking em... cam rase lg sehat...n ade la krg 2 kg's although ade je skip2...hehhe.. i'll try to be more and more 'obedient' with HL...

neway...size dun really matter... the fact yg rase healthier n more energetic tu...itu cam mmg rase hapy la.. i'll contact u if ade pape new improvements...

c ya...

-email from her some days later-

FUN ways to lose weight in healthy way

1. Read about the nutritional facts of herbalife products (refer entry below)

3. Order your herbalife now.

- Starter packs (can either choose vanilla, chocholate, tropical fruit or cappucino flavour) consists of Formula 1, Formula 3, Tea mix and spoon=easily last for a month if u take it twice daily
-Shaker= very useful for breakfast if ur running late.

leave ur email here or contact me via or YM, i'll give u further details.

4. Snap a lot of pics of urself, body parts and face. Measure ur body parts in inches (arm, waist, bottom, hips) and keep records of them. weigh urself.

5. Once u get ur herbalife, enjoy the shake twice and a normal meal daily , on top of that mix ur mineral water bottle with tea mix.

observe ur energy changes. my advice is dont focus too much on the lost kg's and inches, but observe also ur energy level, skin condition and 'unhealthy cravings'. ehem, we gotta lose some to win some kan?after all, u can still enjoy ur daily doses of fave food, just make sure its moderately taken;)

6. Repeat step 4 after day 3, day 7, day 14. records ur achievements and share with me.

dont worry, i'm not doing door-to-door promotion. i'm writing this for the sake of sharing my experiences and spread it out to those interested. after all, i've got nothing to lose here. i will always stay slim and HEALTHY, no matter what;)


1) Formula 1 Nutritious Mixed Soy Powder Milk

Click here for Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix NUTRITION FACTS
Control your weight with the ShapeWorks Weight Management Programme
Obtain healthy Cellular Nutrition
5 different flavours : Dutch Choc, French Vanilla, Tropical Fruit, Capuccino, Strawberry
Helps you feel full, satisfied and energetic
Each serving contains 8.65g of soy protein
Rish in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, including the important antioxidants A, C, E
Directions: Blend/Stir 2 tablespoons (25g) of Formula 1 with 240ml of non-fat milk, juice or favourite beverage. Create your own recipe by adding fresh fruit and ice.

For General Well Being : Recommended to replace 1 meal daily with Herbalife Shake
For Weight Management : Recommended to replace 2 meals daily with Herbalife Shakes and eat one well balanced meal.

For Maximum Results : Combine with Formula 3 Blended Soy

2) Formula 3 Blended Soy and Whey Protein Powder

Click here for Formula 3 Blended Soy NUTRITION FACTS
The cells of immune system, skin, hair and muscle all depend on protein for proper functioning and growth
Increase protein intake WITHOUT adding extra fat/calories
Increase the feeling of fullness and helps adequate protein intake
Contains approx. 5g of protein per level tablespoon
NO fat, sugar, carbohydrates, yeast, cholesterol, salt, lactose, sweeteners.
Suggested Serving : 1 tablespoon added to Formula 1 Shake or stirred with other food an beverages (inc yoghurt, soup, sauces)
For Maximum Results : Women should add 1-2 tablespoons to Formula 1 Shake. Men should add 2-3 tablespoons to Formula 1 Shake.

3) Tea Mix - Lemon & Hibiscus

Click here for Herbal Tea-Mix NUTRITION FACTS
Exhilarating beverage blended from 5, fast acting natural botanicals
Each serving calorie-FREE
Delicious hot or cold
Complement Weight Management Programme
Helps 20% of weight loss
Directions : Mix 1/2 teaspoon with 200ml - 240 ml hot/cold water

Personal notes: please, please check out the NUTRITION FACTS. You are what you eat..

Share to Care with HERBALIFE

Disclaimer: they're facts. i, by no means wish to go vain or brag.

if u ask me why?

- i dont have to worry about my breakfast and dinner. i'm running busy at the moment, so does i believe most of us. my meals will be formula 1+formula 3+a cup of soymilk+a cup of plain water(u can add up yoghurt, fresh fruits or yoghurt drink...whichever u like to it)+ice cubes..can either blend or use the between, i fill in my water bottle with formula 2(tea mix) keeps me hydrated and energised for the whole day. i sustain my whole morning with shake, have normal lunch and light dinner with another shake. for me, its a reasonable way of losing weight and keeping me healthy.

-for all i know, i've got all the nutrients and vitamins needed in daily basis. no need for multivitamins tablet, no need for energy drink whatsoever. this actually detox ur body as well.

- once i've established my ideal/wished weight, i'll continue using this. for a health conscious but too lazy to prepare good meals like me, this is the ultimate solution.have it once daily and i'm done for the nutrients requirement.easy peasy.

- i am what i eat.

if i can divide us into 3 categories

-health person who wanna stay healthy= consume this once daily and u'll be nutrionised & energised.

-someone who need to do something with weight= u can lose and gain weight with this product. it's a meal replacement plan. u DONT have to starve urself to lose weight, nor binge into fattening notorious food to gain weight. just DONT.

- suffer from medical problems= i know a friend who uses this for her sinusitis and approved that it works. i've read about ppl having various kind of illnesses(diabetes, high blood pressure, acne etc) who benefits from this as well. it may not cure but helps u control the probs.

can either YM or email otherwise just leave ur email here and i'll write back to u. it doesnt hurt to share good experiences, right?