Saturday, November 8, 2008

Herbalife's wonder


I'm very2 sorry for a very long carried away with job and social activities..heheh

Alhamdulillah, i've got pouring orders and a lot of exciting testimonials...among all

-My auntie who lost 4kg with her 1st pack of HL

-My client's son who went from size 40 to 36

-'Dia kata dia dah kurang mkn. So far mmg nmpk dah kurang melahap sgt dah. MIL ckp dah nmpk dia susut skit'

as for myself, i couldn't help smiling in satisfaction whenever relatives and friends commented on my slim body during eid celebration...not meaning to be vain but it does boost up my esteem. i love feeling healthy and able to fit into most of the clothes without feeling snugly.

like last nite when i went for dinner organised by MMA, i saw my old fren whom i last met almost 2 years ago (exactly before i started on Herbalife actually) so i went up and hi-ed her. Later when i settled to my table, she came up to me and exclaimed

"Yattttttt!! kenapa ko kurus sgtt...jelesnyee aku!!"

I chuckled and shared with her the secret...i later handed her my business card and i'm sure she'll be making her first order soon..

Thank you HERBALIFE for giving me a chance to enjoy healthy life and share the joy with others!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy herbalife-ing!

Hello everyone..

sorry for a long silence...hehe, been caught up with work and's everyone's doing with school holiday? busy stuffing urself with kenduri-kendara that u feel like u've blown up?

don't panic! HL got the right solution to avoid u from over-indulging urself

-pack urself a bottle of teamix and sips thru the journey so that by the time u reach the destination, u're half-full.

-compensate your other meals with yummylicious cool shakes.

see, it doesnt take stringent diet or food avoidance to keep u slim and healthy (like me!hehe..) all it takes is some wise strategies;)

on a serious note, working in hospital really showed how much bad food could cause you problem. i wish none of us would end up regretting ourself in the future for not taking good health of ourselves. diabetes, hypertension, heart disease are all on the rise so be cautious with what we feed our body...

p/s..i humbly requested those who add me on YM to email me instead cos it's a lot more convenient to communicate. thanks;)

Friday, April 25, 2008

From 7 to 6!

SMS-Salam. Lupa nak bagitau my weight dah tukar la. Number depan dah jadi 6 balik. Yeay! Just before stat hl aku cek 71. sekarang 69 :-D

hiks...congrats!!! there you go, girl...

ohh, i just got more great news

- MCH lost 6 kg after 3 months of HL...

- Her friend lost 4 kg in just 3 weeks

- On a different mission, her other friend managed to gain more than 1 kg and curb her gastritis.

most importantly, ALL of them feel healthier and more energised.

They are all like you people, only that they've made a wise decision with HL;)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lose Weight, Shape Up!

'Sorry for the l8 reply. Dah kurang 1 kg..hehe.. tak sempat nak measure la pulak, tp noticed la bila pakai jeans dah loose. i nak order another pack boleh?' exciting!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Committed to Help!

When i was away for induction and BTN, my bag could not fit in F1 and F3 bottles.. Despited good spread of buffet everyday (of course, not during BTN:p), i missed my Herbalife for the healthy feeling. Thank God, i brought along teamix...It made a big differences in my level of alertness and energy;)

Now i'm back on track, i feel much better...It's not the withdrawal symptoms, mind you but how everyday our body (machine) require good nutrient (fuel) to function from day to night...

Actually, I've been posted to HKB and will start working this sunday. Don't worry, i will always have time for my wellness buddies to answer concern and keep track of your progress, insya Allah. All you need to do is send me an sms or email (if it's gonna be long) and i'll reply as soon as possible. I'm just too excited to see other people achieving their target!

My word of wisdom to achieve your desired result will always be POSITIVE ATTITUDE and CONSISTENCY!

As for myself, i will always keep shakes, teamix (and soon chocolate protein bar) closer to help me go thru up to 36 hours of work...

Become A Wellness Coach Yourself...

Curious to know about MCN's proress?

I called her the other day.

Not only she's happy with the 5kg loss and decided to maintain it, her husband complimented on her being plump no more and many others remarked on her new body and look.she also noted that her body feels firmer unlike the usual flabby feelings before Herbalife comes into picture

she's soooo excited from the tone of her voice;)

Now she's a wellness coach herself, how great is that!! Let me know if you wanna follow her suit...

Get your dream body shape and boost up ur confidence!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Believe in Yourself!

Sms 1- Hehe..tuela so far dah 4kg kurang :D bleh kurang byk lg ni..

Sms 2- Thanks..u r one of my role model utk kurus hehe

Note the optimism? Way to go girl!

Do It Right...

'A ah, still consume lagi..satu kg loss and 4cm. Hepi sbb eventho 2,3 hari x minum shake, badan menten x mcm dulu bdn mudah naik, ikut petua yatt..hehe..'

sms reply from Miey..

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Remember my cousin KC??

Photo on the left was her when heavily pregnant at 78kg. A little bit chubby ey?

Photo on the right was after consuming HL right from confinement until now-6 months. She lost total of 21kg and weighs only 57kg.

As for weight versus body size, this is what she's got to say..

' skrg ni..inches mmg kurang banyakkkkkkkkkkkkkk...bukan setakat boleh pakai seluar/baju time zaman anak dara...malah..terlondeh maintain le..kurang pon maybe dlm 1 atau 0.5 kg je...'

In other words, believe in your inches loss as well as weight loss. they're both rewarding!

Congratsssss HOT MAMA! ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


*CORRECTION: my sister's now 72kg!! that means 15kg lost,wowwyyyyy!!

Exciting Result!

Remember about The Personalised Plan?

For your information, Miey is one of my new HL buddies that started on it. I managed to convinced her to try it out because for me, it's not how many products you're using that will guarantee u great results but rather how consistent and positive your attitude is.

Sms Day 3- Dh start dh. Harini hari ke 3. x timbang berat, just measure dgn tape yg yatt bg...dah kurang 10cm :D

Shoutbox Day 8-Hai yatt..nak inform, ni hari ke 8, dah lose 2 kg, and 12 cm..even ade ngelat2 sket, makan kfc la, shake is very delicious..yummyy...hehehe.

See, result vary from person to person but i'm proud to say that my wellness buddies are all happy and excited with their do i!!

Congratulations miey;)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another 2kg loss!

Remember MCN??

She called me while i was in Perhentian to order her next HL. Suprise suprise! After no weight loss for 3 week (i attempted to follow up my HL buddies every weekend), she told me she lost 2kg on the 4th week. Another great example how thrilling and exciting HL results could may not be losing weight and cm's every week but it always catches up!

As a results, she lost 5kg in 2 months. Perfectly healthy! It awed me even more because as we grow older (and went thru a lot of pregnancy), it's usually harder for us to lose weight because of the lowered metabolism but HL proved that it's all possible regardless of our age..

And here's some more compliments she received from people

My mum- commented that MCN's skin looked glowy and smoother with less visibled blackhead around the nose.

Her husband-took note of her clothes that are now baggier.

Her children- remarked that her tummy is now less visible.

Her colleagues-suprised to see how much she has slimmed down.

While MCN is impressed with herself. She could be driving for 40 mins from school and still have the energy to prepare lunch and be in charge of the house. She agreed with me now about how much her food intake has decreased and a lot more controllable appetite. Dulu nasi ulam tak cukup sepinggan sekarang nak habiskan sepinggan pun dah tak larat. Dulu pagi2 mesti makan nasi sekarang dah masuk 2 bulan makan nasi hanya sekali sehari tanpa rasa lapar!! ;)

Now i'm excited to hear her results with the 3rd pack;)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

F1 vs F1+F3 ?

Hello, I'm back!

Hehe, went for a longg vacation to Sarawak-KL-Perhentian Island. I have a lot of GREAT TESTIMONIALS to share with all of you but let me answer the concern first. I'll just cut and paste my reply to my new HL friend regarding dilemma between F1 versus F1+F3.

- Based on personal experience: i lose average 2-3 kg per month using F1 & F3 . Total loss 8kg & about 20cm in 3-4 months.

-F3 penting utk keep us rasa kenyang & build muscle development. Thats why bila sy lose weight with HL, badan sy jd firmer & x flabby sbb fat dah bertukar menjadi muscle. Im sure semua org nak that kinda results; lose weight is one thing tp shape up is more significant! Pastu bila dah kenyang, takdela nak munch2 or snacking kan? thats the secret to lose weight!

-F1 &F3 is the best plan recommended by HL and approved by MEDICAL& SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD. I'm sure they have the best knowledge of what's the healthiest way to lose weight & shape up. Nama pun products Shapeworks kan?

-Bila compare results F1 vs F1 & F3, its more or less the same. tp perasan tak utk consume 4 scoop F1 each time, the cost is significantly higher?

-Whichever plan or products yg digunakan, paling penting is POSITIVE ATTITUDE & CONSISTENCY.

I hope i have highlighted all of you ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


From 15th to 27th FEBRUARY 2008

I wont be able to go online so pls sms ur order instead.

I would either sms or call u back ASAP.

Best regards!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's fantastic to hear happier people because of Herbalife. Not only in losing weight & shaping up but also in boosting up energy level...

NR: weight loss myb ada sket..tak gi timbang..tapi perut takla rasa buncit sgt
NR: hehehe

yAtt: thatsss great!!
yAtt: congratssss ye
NR: but i really like it
NR: sbb after lunch i dont feel sleepy anymore
NR: mmg kagumla
NR: hehe normally i mesti nak tertido punya
NR: hehehe
yAtt: gud gud!! mesti rasa energetic kan?
NR: haah
yAtt: appetite dah ok? ada craving nak snacking tak?
NR: no more feeling sleepy
NR: hehe
NR: i amik teamix dlm kul 10 pagi and 4 ptg
NR: kalau mcm mlm take dinner lps dinner sure i will take teamix
NR: oo tak der craving dah
NR: so now bleh tahan
NR: like now feel full..minum air jelar
NR: tapi after drinking shakes will definitely feel thirsty
NR: hehe
yAtt: its least dia buatkan u minum air secukupnya everyday kan?
yAtt: soo happy to hear ur progress
NR: nantila dlm seminggu i pegi timbang..
NR: yeah i suka lar dgn HL nih
NR: mmg tak tipu
NR: hehe
NR: suka sbb i tak rasa letih2 lagi.


Thursday, February 7, 2008


Seems like we've got living proofs from different sort of people in here- from teenagers to middle age, from medical practioner to housewife. Now, what about elderly?

Hehe, rasa sgt comelll kisah MCN (my mum's fren) nih. At the age of 50+, a mother of 6 ( kalu tak silap, or maybe more..) and working as school teacher.


Kalau jumpa murid2 lama, mesti diorg tegur MCN makin berisi dan tembam. Satu masalah MCN ialah nak kawal nafsu makan, setiap hari mesti makan nasi 3 kali and cukup berselera bila nampak makanan. Ada masalah sakit2 dan lenguh2 badan, biasalah bila umur dah meningkat. So bila nak replace meals with shakes twice a day, of coursela rasa mcm susah tp dia nak cuba juga lepas browse thru my testimonials portfolio.


Berjaya mengurangkan berat sebanyak 3kg dalam masa 4 minggu & beberapa cm pada ukuran badan. Spare tyres dah kurang! Tapi yang paling ketara ialah perubahan pada selera makan, mmg diakui MCN selera tuh hilang dgn sendirinya tanpa perlu disekat2 selepas minum shakes & teamix. Kalu dulu mesti berebut makanan dgn anak2 bila husband bawak balik food, sekarang dah tak kisahhhh pun. Lenguh2 badan dah takde.. MCN nampak sgt happppyy dgn perubahan badannya.

Tapi yang paling kelakar bila husband pun usik

' Haiiii, nmpk gaya tak habis beraslaa rumah kita....'

Pastu bila di sekolah, makcik kantin siap panggil MCN tanya ada jumpa ape2 ke dlm makanan sbb perasan MCN dah kurangkan kuantiti makanan..comel je=)

We all know that ageing lowers metabolism and our body becomes at higher risk for a lot of illness; high sugar level, high blood pressure; high cholesterol and heart problem to name a few. So, if you're concern about your parents/ aunties/uncle and would love to show how much you care; HERBALIFE would be a perfect gift for them. Let them know that it's NUTRITIONAL FOOD that would balance their weight, improve their energy and health.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Get Noticed?

It was my weekend-ly effort to keep in touch with my wellness buddies. Suprise! Suprise!

Sms- Hi Yatt. Perfect timing for your sms. I baru je jumpa some cousins and one of them commented that i dah nampak kecik sikit:)-From AR


I'm sure 6kg lost would be noticeable. Did you tell your cousin that it's HERBALIFE's magic? Do tell've got to be proud with ur achievement!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


My dearest sister decided to start on HL some time ago. As a junior doctor in a teaching hospital in KL, she (and i believe, each and everyone) hardly have time to rest and have a proper meal...feeling tired and lack of energy as a consequence. As she also wished to shape up healthily, i suggested her HERBALIFE. Here's what she wrote to me in an email

hey guess wut, i think i feel slightly lighter after a week of herbalife. i mean my seluar tak seketat last week, altho takdela obvious inches lost yet. n u know wut, my in law's maid told my mum in law that her other empoyer pun takes herbalife (after tgk my shaker..hehe). family tu (my neighbour) ramai bigsize. n that aunty has lost 4 kg. so my mother in law pun is keen on trying herbalife. haha. n now dah biasa dgn teamix. i drink that everyday n alhamdulillah stamina naik sket. but food esp ice cream craving tu still ada lagila. n im only drinking the shake masa bfast, n kdg2 bila oncall, missed that. so i guess if nak tgk any difference, lambat la kot.heheh.

HL shakes as yummylicious nutritional meal..

HL teamix as a great energy booster..

Enjoyed by millions of customer all around the world!!

So what are you waiting for? Experience it yourself!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008



I was serving guests at our house, sort of family friend when the father tried to be friendly and said

'Ini yang tingkatan empat tuh ke?'

I was perplexed at first, but later replied..

'Eh eh bukan, dah habis belajar dah..'

hahahaha, i'm sure HERBALIFE has got something to do with this;)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

1 KG & 6 CM!!

I was away for my holiday and here's in the mailbox...

After a week of consuming HL, berat saye tak byk sgt kurg.. 1 kg je.. but thats good enough la. saye slowly2 je.. but part waist and hips sgt trase bezanye.. kurang 3cm for waist.. and 1.5cm for hips.. 0.5cm for thigh.. arm pun kurg one cm..

part energy.. i think it gave me enough... biasenye dulu2 if tak breakfast.. mmg rase lapar sgt2.. kadang2 eventho dah mkn cereal pagi tu, if then member2 ajak breakfast, stakat nk isi prot lagi skali ngan nasi lemak, mmg takde hal sangat. But now, bile dan minum HL, even member makan depan mate pun, rase tak tergoda, sbb still rasa perot macam penuh. takde la rase lemah ke ape. hehe Same la bile makan lunch, dulu satu pinggan penuh macam takde hal. Now nak mkn half plate pun, macam agak terpaksa la nak habiskan...

Cuma now ni, still ada terasa nak makan dinner, and lunch.. cause dah terbiasa makan macam tu dulu-dulu.. But now bezanye, even if teringin nak makan pun, perot macam dah tak bising2 sangat. macam boleh jer nak bersabar dari makan. which is a good thing la!

And now bila pakai shirts.. terasa la macam bahagian perot tu comel sket. tak sesendat dulu. hik2. jeans pun dah longgar2 sikit..

Now saya nak tengok the 2nd week pulak macam mane.. since the lecture schedule dah agak fixed.. so boleh la nak jadikan routine minum HL hari2 on time...



YOU are so going to achieve your target, Miss very best wishes for u!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Miss AR sent me this email about a week ago.. For the record, she had shed 4kg off her weight initially.

salam yatt,
just wanna update you with my HL progress. hari tu berhenti sekejap but now i'm consuming it again. dah about one week jugak la. my progress lambat la yatt. before i stopped, my weight naik a bit to 81.7 (from 80) but after a week back on the program, I had lost 1.6kg and now back to 80. Dari dulu I tunggu nak tengok number 7, but still tak muncul2 jugak. Huhuh... And oh, no more side effects from the Teamix, which means no more sinus! Alhamdulillah. :) I feel so much better now.

p/s: the side effect is actually referring to the Body Recovery Reaction. In simple term, how HERBALIFE nutrition corrects our immune system over the time. It may not happen to everyone but if it does, it means the product is working on your body system to make it better.

so i replied her back with a few checklist to make sure she's on the right track...and guess what's in my inbox this morning ?

Salam Yatt,
Just wanna inform you that my weight now is 78kg! Alhamdulillah... finally, after all these time. I think maybe I was expecting too much, so dia macam malu2 nak kluar. When I just kinda forget about it, baru dia nak muncul. Oh, 'dia' here refers to the number 7 of course. :)

..(place her order)...

Wowwyy!! In less than 2 weeks after re-starting with HERBALIFE, she managed to lose about 4kg!!!

take home message: WHEN THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY!!

congratsss, Miss AR ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hello people, sorry for the little silence. been occupied for a while but it wont stop me from sharing more HERBALIFE experiences here.

One day i was explaining about HERBALIFE to my aunt (who suffered for rather bad asthma) and her daughter (who recently underwent Caesarian section) at their house when their relative came. While she (the relative)'s tasting the shakes and listening to me ( i admit i wasnt that good when it comes to face to face as compared to writing it down here but i tried my best...ada sedikit segan lah, heheh ;p), she was very interested in the nutrition listed on the package. As someone who really takes care of her health, this elderly lady looks younger than she is. To my joy, the relative too decided to buy the shakes without much hesitation after realising how complete it is with nutrition. yeay, more new people in HERBALIFE family!

I was told my other aunt that my cousin who had her fibroid (benign growth in uterus) surgery 2 years ago noted the scar is healing well and became less visible after 2 months of taking HERBALIFE. well, apart from losing weight and gaining more energy that is.

I received a joyful sms from my little sister

'I lose another kg. lalalala. u give me a magic potion'

heheh, now she had already shed 14kg off her weight and became my pride in HERBALIFE.

what else?

ahaaa, my (another) aunt who's a busybee auditor noted that she has no trouble to wake up early in the morning and consume a lot less coffee after just a week of HERBALIFE. Instead of having more than one cup, she stop at half of it. fabulous! less caffeine to pollute her body system, thanks to the teamix!

that's all for now. more to come;)

btw, to those who are on tight budget but really keen to experience HERBALIFE her(or him)self, i've got a personalised package and plan for you. It's just an sms or email away...