Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Secret?

I met a friend during one of the open houseses last week

Friend: ceritalahh yatt, ape rahsia ko kurus mcm nih?
Me: emm, HERBALIFE..
Friend: serioussss?? *disbelieved face*
Me: YUP!

what else should i say, kan? because i didn't skip meals, i didnt have much time to exercise, i didnt deprive myself from good food. All i did for the past few months were consuming shakes twice daily (or once when i was in M'sia) and one (or two while in M'sia, again;p) good meal everyday. So, HERBALIFE is really the answer isn't it?

Nobody came to me saying i looked sick or something like that because of this routine.Indeed i am doing really good, health-wise. No migraine, no gastritis, well-nourished.


Thursday, October 11, 2007


It seems like most of my wellness buddies are enjoying great personal satisfaction as well..

ER: i notice ape tau perbezaan i tak ambik HL ngan ambik HL
yAtt : haaaaa ape dia?
ER: kalau ambik HL i tak lesu
ER: kalau tak ambik i melepek kat ofis
ER: lapar
ER: huhuhuhuh

yAtt: hehe so ada can dpt pakai baju lama for this raya?
AN: baju kurung dah try...muat!
AN: blom try kebaya lg hehe

AN: yup...reduce kat bhgn hip n pinggul hehe
AN: i like!
AN: kalo dulu kain baju kurung ni rs tersekat bile nak sarung...
AN: skang senang je
AN: jeans sy pon dah kene pakai ngan belt balek dah

AN: hahaha
AN: suke2!

yAtt: cemana progress HL di bulan pose?
yAtt : dah brape total kg loss nih?
EH: 4 kilo utk bln pose
EH: hehehe
EH: total 7 kilo
(after 2 months)
EH: hehe

AA: aku dah turun 5 kg!!!!! (after only a month)

AY (sms): Yatt! Finally a spare moment to sms u the good news. I LOST WEIGHT AND MUAT PAKAI BAJU KEBAYA LAMA!! haha. happynye!!

My sister: lose 11kg after 3 months and wearing 4 size smaller for her pants.


EH: hehe
EH: so far ok
EH: parut2 ada kurang sket rasanya
EH: ke ntah perasaan akak jek
EH: hehehe
EH: tp yg ketaranya warna kulit sekata la
EH: tak kusam cam dulu..
EH: chewah.. cam iklan plak
EH: tu la
EH: akak dah trust nf sbb dah nmpk ada beza


Monday, October 8, 2007

Till then...

To all my wellness buddies (and fellow readers),




Friday, October 5, 2007


I have dry skin type and very sensitive to chemical-laden products. It got really itchy and drier the last time i used chemically based cleanser, not to forget toner often gives me stinging sensation whenever i used it more than once a day. Although i may not suffer from acne (or scar from it) as much, blackheads and depigmentation were bothersome all this while. Oh yes, that black area around my eyes made more looks more like a medical student than anything else (although i must admit i do sleep 7-8 hours a day)..

It's my 5 weeks of NOURIFUSION dry kit (Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser) so far and no exaggeration, i'm highly satisfied with the outcome. Alhamdulillah. The skin complexion never looks better, i had no trouble using toner everytime i need to ( usually twice a day) and it feels smoother and healthier. I'm happy now that the black area has started to clear out so my eyes dont look as tired as they used to be. BUT the best thing of all is when blackheads & teeny weeeny scars starts to clear off. yippie yay!
I've added to the collection: NOURIFUSION eye gel, scrub and night cream.

Now that i've THE BEST PRODUCTS in hands, i worry no more about my skincare;)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More HERBALIFE experience

It's been 5 days since i reach Melbourne (again), thus the lacking updates because i was pretty occupied to settle down with the new rotation. Everything's been good so far, alhamdulillah.

As for the fasting, it's not that hard to adapt to the time change. Now that Subuh is as early as 430am (230am M'sian time), Herbalife shakes is simply perfect for sahur. Banana Mocha Shakes would be on top of the list! divinely yummy and keep me filled till the breaking fast around 630pm (despite having to walk to and fro bus loop for about half an hour everyday). As for berbuka, i simply make sure i had sips of Teamix and slices of fruits before having my normal meal. And yes, i shed 2kg effortlessly and my weight is now 52kg. tehee~!

How do i reward myself? going to kid's department in the shopping mall to grab all those cutesy tops that i've previewed last weekend...*grin*

Btw, I've a few more updates from my wellness buddies to keep the rest challenged and motivated;)

1. I received this email from AB after 3 weeks of HL

i dont really lose weight la this puasa (considering I typically lose 4-6 kg during ramadhan)...

i think i only lose about 1 kg je kot...and few cm here and there...

anyway, I feel energetic and that's good enough...I'll hang on to reading your blogs for motivation...he he

I'm also having symptoms, dry throat+tongue (although I'm drinking lots of water) and acne (tapi skrg dah kurang sikit)...

I think my body have to get rid of all the toxins first before I can lose weight.

one more thing nak tanya,

why some ppl eat F1 je?


and this was my reply to her
tell you what, aku lose weight pun tak byk...just about 6-7kg je tp i've lost so much around my body measurement and i've shrink a lot (..but bear in mind berat aku takde pun kurang dari 50kg) so it's not all about ur weight ok. kekadang u can simply measure ur progress by all the clothes yg dulu maybe ketat sendat and now dah boleh pakai loosely...also as aku dah mentioned a few time, HL change ur fat into muscle(which weigh more) thats why eventho berat x turun byk tp we're actually shaping up nicely...

yup, the symptoms is just temporary...once ur body dah get rid of all the toxins u can lose weight/inches easily...

as for those yg consume formula 1 only, they're actually taking 4 scoop of it instead of 2 so might as well amik F3..not only it has a lot more soy protein for ur skin complexion, it helps to build up muscle so that lps lose weight badan tak jd flabby.

hope that explains;) keep me updated!


to which she replied back

agree with u, I can actually feel my body firming up and I dont know if it's my imagination or not, cellulite pun dah kurang sebab aku tengok banyak stretch marks kat paha

he he


2. My YM with ER after 3 days of HL

yAtt: so far so good?
ER: yes
ER: i perasan kulit jadi lawa lah

yAtt: yup2 betul tuh
yAtt: jadi licin kan?
yAtt: thats because of the soy protein
yAtt: mmg bagus utk kulit
ER: memula i rasa kulit i cam kusam
ER: ingat nak buat facial lah
ER: tapi, lepas 3 hari minum HL lawa pulak rasa
yAtt: heheheh alhamdulillah
yAtt: glad to hear
ER: pakai bedak pun rasa licin je muka
yAtt: wait until u dah guna sebulan dua, mesti rasa lagi berbeza
ER: btw, i dah turun 1.5 kg
ER: hehehehe

yAtt: wahhhhhh congratssssssss!!
yAtt: ini dlm masa 3 hari kan??
ER: yes
yAtt: see, kan i dah kata u mesti boley buat punye
yAtt: keep it up ok
yAtt: i'm sure lepas nih u'll see less and less figure on the weighing scale
ER: 107 turun 105.5
ER: semalam i makan buah and salad dulu before makan spagetti
ER: selalu i habis spagetti

ER: semalam tak habis

ER: kena marah ngan my mum
ER: ahakssss

yAtt: hahahaha, bgtau la ur mum u dah kenyang
yAtt: mmg it works wonders kan?

and later of the day she sms-ed me all the way from M'sia to share this news
'Yatt, tadi i timbang lagi tau. Tadi i cakap kat u 105.5kg kan. Now dah 104kg. I like lah yatt'

3. Conversation with my mum

Me: adik balik bila?
Mum: hari sabtu nih sampai........Dia bagitau berat dia dah jadi 77kg.
Me: WAAAAAAAHHH, dah turun 10 kg. dulu dekat 87 kan?
Mum: hehehehe...

and when i checked the date, she only started last July so that makes it about 3 months' time. Isn't it?

Congratulations to all!! So proud and happy for u;)