Thursday, August 16, 2012

Feeling clucky?

When she first DECIDE to start on HERBALIFE about 2 month ago, she told me that she wanted to lose weight while trying to conceive..yes, we shared the same goal..

After 1 month of HERBALIFE, not only she shaped her body up , the next thing she knew was she's pregnant..Alhamdulillah, rezeki..

NO, i am not claiming HERBALIFE will improve our fertility and helps in conception but HERBALIFE prepare our body to receive new life in our womb by providing complete nutrition to our cells because you'll never know when are u going to get pregnant. Ideally, we should start on folate once we plan to conceive but tell me who take it with good compliance? I know i dont because i am never good with pills, i always forget to eat them. So the best way is to include all the important vitamins and minerals needed in our meal..

So her next question was about supplement in pregnancy. I remembered during our sharing session in Kuala Kedah, my mentor who is herbalifer for 6 years including her 2 pregnancy shared that her gynaecologist agreed that since she's on HERBALIFE, she does not need to take supplement during pregnancy because everything's complete in the shakes.

So i goggled the common and famous multivitamin in store for pregnancy  and here's the content

Isnt that what we have in our Formula 1?

Then i come home and look at my Cappucino Formula 1 bottle, scanning through the NUTRITION FACTS

So yes, it's the same content..HERBALIFE even have more minerals and vitamins ..

To the future mommies, please DECIDE for your health and wellness and insya Allah for your future baby too..

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