Saturday, September 15, 2012


HERBALIFE is a multinational company that provides both local and international training to the independent distributors to spread the words of NUTRITION, so attending HERBALIFE UNIVERSITY is one of the highlights to any HERBALIFERS.. The event is going on in Macau and attended by more than 16,000 leaders in HERBALIFE from 14 APAC countries..
All shared the same mission: Nutrition for a Better Life. One of the guest speaker is Prof Dr David Herber who won The Best Doctor in America for 6 times and also part of HERBALIFE'S Nutritional and Medical Advisory Board. This events provides FACTS and INFORMATION about health epidemics and nutrition, leadership training and many more.
The Man's word of wisdom..
The training ground..
The crowd with positive energy and attitudes..
You dont have to be all brainy and genius to attend this University, all you need is positive vibes and big dream to help others.
I missed to attend this event but insya Allah, will work my way to be there in Herbalife University 2013...

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